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Potomac Primary: Weather Report, Potpourri, and Penn Jillette's Prognostication
Chilly for Hilly.
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It’s snowing here in Maryland and is expected to continue through the night (*update 12:24pm Eastern – stopped snowing, but it is cold). Which means low turnout. Which could be another headache for McCain. On the Dem side, Obama expects to cruise to easy victories on both Maryland and Virginia.

John Hawkins looks ahead at McCain’s potential VP picks.

Obama looks ahead to scrapping with The Maaaverick: “I may be skinny, but I’m tough, too. I’m looking forward to mixing it up with John McCain.”

Penn Jillette of the comedy duo Penn and Teller offers his audience-tested insights into why Obama’s got the Democrat nomination locked up (language warning):

Allah’s advice to Republicans: Cross over, cross over, cross over.

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