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Contest: the New York Times in a Six-Word Slogan
The national fish wrap of record.
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Update: Falling profits and shrinking ads, sniff.


Laer Pearce at Cheat Seeking Missiles sends word that the Freakonomics blog at the NYTimes website is holding a contest to describe America in six words. Naturally, the game has degenerated into an America-bashing fest.


“White? Straight? Christian? Rich? Welcome Home!”

“‘Number One? Smells like number two.”

Laer is soliciting pro-America entries to balance out the nutroots submissions. Leave ’em at his blog.

Meantime, if you’d like to play a variation and describe the NYTimes in six words, let loose!

I’ll start:

All Leftist propaganda fit to print.

Our enemies’ favorite newspaper, hands down.

Apologize for Walter Duranty’s lies now!

How’s that stock chart doing, Pinch?

From commenter ACHefty: “The National Fish Wrap of Record.”

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