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Super Tuesday Night: Huck Does a Victory Lap; Romney: "This Campaign Is Going On!"; Hillary "Won't Let Anyone Swift Boat This Country's Future;" McCain: "...Get Used to the Idea That We Are the Republican Front-Runner for the Presidential Nomination;" Obama: "Our Time Has Come;" Hill and McCain Projected Winners in Cali
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Scroll down for updates…2/6 morning update…Obama claims delegate lead

12:20am tally….









Rove’s delegate math:

McCain (took every WTA state)- 520

Huck – 200

Romney – 170 (pre-Cali) – 200-250 (estimated after Cali)

Mapping the results here.


Alright, here’s your Super Tuesday night thread. (Morning thread here; afternoon thread here.) Settle in for a roller coaster ride tonight on the GOP side. Georgia is too close to call–with Romney and Huck at 33 each and McCain at 30. The early story on the Dem side is Obama, Obama, Obama-mania.

Update 7:45pm Eastern. The Other McCain has more Georgia results. He says stay tuned for metro Atlanta returns.

EP at Slapstick Politics has full Colorado caucus coverage. He writes: “Given the ‘purple’ state status and closed caucus policy, it is surprising that Colorado hasn’t rated much in the way of national attention.”

Update 8:06pm Eastern. CNN’s projections are here.

Update 8:12pm Eastern. Watch Arizona. Buzz tonight is all about the dead-heat right down between McCain and Romney in McCain’s home state.

This is not a surprise if you’ve been reading this blog.

Flashback Jan. 23:

What Arizona Republicans think of John McCain: “Arizona Senator John McCain may be doing well in national polls but the folks back home that know him best don’t seem to agree. According to a straw poll taken on Saturday, January 19 of 721 Republican Precinct Committeemen from Maricopa County, Arizona, McCain’s home county, at their annual county meeting, 59.2% found him unacceptable for the GOP presidential nomination and only 11% find him acceptable.”

FYI, Arizona is a winner-take-all contest.

Update 8:25pm Eastern. How AP is leading their latest dispatch…

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton was strongly supported by Hispanics and people seeking an experienced candidate, but held only modest leads with women and whites, two of her usual strengths, in early national exit polls Tuesday. A coalition of black, young white and higher-income voters were flocking to Sen. Barack Obama.

On the Republican side, preliminary data from exit polls of voters in 16 states showed Sen. John McCain was getting strong support from moderates and people valuing experience and leadership. He even had a modest edge among party regulars, a better showing for him with that group than usual. Mitt Romney was dominating the GOP’s most conservative voters and people wanting a strong stance against illegal immigrants.

Update 8:35pm Eastern. Fred Barnes is marveling right now on FNC about Huck possibly taking “five states! five states!” Calls it a “remarkable comeback.” Before anyone gets carried away with talk of a Huck resurgence, though, most of his victories are taking place in states that aren’t winner-take-all. Whatever delegates he picks up in Georgia, Alabama, etc., will be more than offset by his zero showings in NY and NJ and his weak showings in California, Illinois.

Update 8:37pm Eastern. As expected, McCain takes Delaware.

Update 8:44pm Eastern. Go here for Missouri results as they come in. Still very early. Only one percent reporting.

Update 8:48pm Eastern. Interesting how McCain campaigned in Massachusetts claiming he had a chance, while taking his own home state backyard for granted.

Update 9:04pm Eastern. Hill holds on to NY. The Corner says Missouri is still a near-dead heat according to exit polls.

Update 9:06pm Eastern. Bottom line so far on the GOP side: McCain was supposed to win Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee (see Huckabee may win all three (plus Arkansas and West Virginia.) A week ago, McCain was also strongly favored to win Missouri, Arizona, and California. It is now unclear whether he will win any of those three. The night’s a long way from over, but I’ve got to think McCain is not very happy right now.

Update 9:08pm Eastern. CNN projects that Obama takes Delaware — winner-take-all. It has been seen as a bellwether. Both Clinton and Obama campaigned there. Obama takes 90 percent of the black vote.

Update 9:19pm Eastern. Mac takes NY. Hill puts NJ away.

Update 9:30pm Eastern. Obama nabs Ala…and Kansas.

Update 9:35pm Eastern. Rove says McCain should be happy…Kristol notes the paradox: McCain’s winning, but he has structural weaknesses…Romney has to win somewhere other than Mass and Utah.

Update 9:58pm Eastern. McCain takes Oklahoma. Obama and Romney take Utah. Romney’s in third in Missouri. Not good. The Other McCain thinks McCain will come in third in Georgia.

Update 10:09pm Eastern. Huck does a victory dance in Arkansas: “Over the past few days, people have been trying to say that this is a two-man race. It is! And we’re in it…sometimes, one small, smooth stone is a whole lot more effective than a whole load of armor…and all the gold in the world…We’re still on our feet and much to the amazement of many, we’re getting there, folks.”

“There” being a vice presidential slot, I assume.

Update 10:23pm Eastern. Popular GOP Miss. governor Haley Barbour just finished a segment on Fox. He suggested that Huck at some point drop out and not carry on until the very last primary. But not until a clear favorite is chosen. Which hasn’t happened yet tonight.

Update 10:28pm Eastern. Obama projected to win Minnesota.

Update 10:34pm Eastern. Romney’s speaking: “One thing that’s clear: This campaign is going on!…We’re going to go all the way to the convention.”

Missouri blogging at at Gateway Pundit. Reader Matt e-mails that Kansas City and St. Louis still have a lot of ballots to count.

Update 10:44pm Eastern. Cable nets project McCain the winner in Arizona. Eked it out. (Update: Lead widens) 47 percent of conservatives went with Romney. Huck is the projected winner in Ga.


Update 10:53pm Eastern. Hillary speaks. Shrieks. Whatever. She’s doing a LOT of double-pointing. “Tonight is America’s night and it’s not over yet!” She’s plugging her website. And now…the first subprime reference of the night. Nutroots pander alert: Hillary proclaims: “I won’t let anyone Swift Boat this country’s future.”

If you haven’t ordered “To Set The Record Straight, How Swift Boat Veterans, POWs and the New Media Defeated John Kerry” by Scott Swett and Tim Ziegler, now’s the time.

Update 11:04pm Eastern. California polls have just closed. No winners projected there yet. Romney takes ND.

CNN says McCain just passed Huck in Missouri with votes from St. Louis coming in. Not looking good for Romney.

Update 11:13pm Eastern. Romney takes Minnesota.

Update 11:15pm Eastern. With 8% reporting in Colorado, Romney 49%; McCain 25%.

Update 11:30pm Eastern. CNN projects Huck the winner in Ga. belatedly (Fox called it a while ago). Tennessee is close – McCcain 32, Huck 34, Romney 24.

Montana results show:

Romney 38%

Paul 25%

Like commenter DougT, I haven’t seen anyone announce a projection on MT yet. Not sure why.

Update 11:39pm Eastern. McCain speaks from Arizona. “We’ve some of the biggest states in the country…I think tonight we have to get used to the idea that we are the Republican front-runner for the presidential nomination…and I don’t really mind it one bit.” He’s reading from a teleprompter. Congrats Huckabee for his success. “I salute you. I salute Gov. Huckabee.” Pauses. Congratulates Gov. Romney. “I salute them, too.”

CNN has a split screen. Obama is about to speak.

Update 11:45pm Eastern. Obama in Illinois. He’s saluting Dick Durbin. Ugh. “Our time has come, our movement is real, and change is coming to America.”

Update 11:56pm Eastern. Via RCP, Cali is looking up for Hill…

11:45 PM – Exit polls for the Dems in California look good for Hillary Clinton. Obama is thumping her by 30 points among Independents, but they’re only 18% of the vote tonight. Meanwhile, Clinton is beating him among registered Democrats (79% of the electorate) by 14 points, 55-41. Also of note, Latino Democrats were 26% of the vote in California, they broke 70-30 in favor of Clinton. -TOM BEVAN

12:03pm Eastern. Obama’s giving the longest speech of the night/morning. Milking all the free media he can get. “Change will not come if we wait for some other person…We are the change that we seek.”

An endless string of Chauncey Gardner moments.

Here we go: “Yes, he can!” “Yes, she can!” “Yes, we can!”

Update 12:07am Eastern. CNN calls TN for Huck.

Update 12:13am Eastern. FNC’s Megyn Kelly going over exit poll numbers. Among conservative and immigration voters in Cali, Romney is thumping McCain. Obama and Clinton 48/48 among liberal voters.

FNC calls Colorado for Romney and calls Cali for Hillary and McCain.

Update 1:57am. Where Hillary’s Latino votes came from.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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