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The McRudy Alliance
Plus: McSchwarzenegger.
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Update: McSchwarzenegger is official.


mcrudy.jpg The Giuliani-McCain endorsement celebration is underway at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Vid here.

Rudy: “I had made it clear that if I had not decided to run, the one person I would clearly support would be John McCain…He’s a man of honor and integrity…He’s shown character throughout his life…Several times when I would see him at debates, I would shake his hands several times and tell him that…came from way behind…displayed his tenacity…I can’t imagine a campaign that has better demonstrated who the nominee should be.” Pats himself on the back for not running negative ads against each other…

“Part of the consolation…we will remain friends. But most importantly, my country will have a candidate for president of the United States…prepared to be president at a time of great peril. We share a similar vision for the country…”

“We both believe in fiscal discipline…finally, we both believe in building a strong and broader Republican party. One that is growing and reaching out…”

“John McCain gives us, as Republicans, the best chance of doing that…I’ll campaign for him in California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, anywhere he wants me…I am fully on board, 100 percent…Hope we can nominate him so we can unite the party…Proud to endorse my friend…God bless you, John.”

McCain: “Deeply honored by your friendship of many years…I saw Rudy Giuliani unite this nation in a way that made us feel proud, recommitted us to defeating the terrible evil that caused 9/11…This man is a national hero. I’m honored by his friendship…Thank him for his leadership of America…I believe my life has prepared me, a life of service and dedication, to lead this nation in the transcendent challenge of the 21st century…the threat of radical Islamic evil…deeply honored. Thank you very much.”


Next up, as I noted yesterday, Arnold:

Two Republican sources familiar with the conversations tell CNN California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in discussions about endorsing John McCain’s presidential bid.

Two Georgia Republican senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Issacson, also have committed to endorse McCain. That announcement will come in the next 48 hours, according to two GOP sources involved in the planning.

As for the California governor, one of the sources said, “you can safely describe the conversations as progressing and productive.”

The second source described the endorsement as “more than expected” and said the conversations were aimed at arranging a Thursday announcement. “Yes, that is the plan,” this source said.

6:46pm Eastern Arnold Schwarzenegger declines to endorse McCain today.

Probably tomorrow.

He’s getting ready to attend the GOP debate at the Reagan Library.

The agenda he’s pushing on CNN: Fighting global warming, passing universal health care, and renewing shamnesty.

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