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A Florida Voter Asks McCain About His Open-Borders Outreach Director
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Update: Reader Mary Jo e-mails: “Since Juan McCain has appointed Juan Hernandez to the position of Hispanic Outreach Campaign Advisor, perhaps someone should ask him who he is going to appoint as American Outreach Campaign Director. I guess the average American citizen is not very important to him.”



Shamnesty peddler John McCain; top entry in the McCain-spearheaded Reform Institute’s “Design Your Portion of the Border Fence” art contest; McCain’s open-borders Hispanic outreach director Juan Hernandez

Reader Joan e-mailed me today. She’s in Valrico, Florida, and confronted John McCain this afternoon about his open-borders outreach director, Juan Hernandez. She didn’t get straight talk:

Dear Michelle,

I attended the townhall meeting earlier today in Polk City and asked John McCain:

Your Hispanic Outreach Campaign Advisor, Juan Hernandez, has written a book referring to illegal immigrants as “New American Pioneers.” Hernandez has also stated that illegal immigrants who use social security numbers of American citizens really don’t steal, they have no choice but to make up a number. Are you aware of his statements? Do you agree with him? If not would you consider removing him from your staff?

John McCain answered that he supported Juan Hernandez because he holds the same views as he (McCain) on other issues. He says that he determines his positions and Hernandez agrees with him, not the other way around. He appeared to be unaware of the specific positions of Hernandez that I related.

I would say I got a non-answer. I did not get a video but all the media were present.

On national security, energy independence, veterans tratment and curtailing spending, McCain’s position and answers are strong. Why he does not consider millions of lawbreakers a security threat I do not understand…


Valrico, FL

Bryan Preston obtained audio of the townhall meeting exchange and has the non-straight talk transcript. Update: Video added.

Keep asking: If John McCain supports securing the border, why does he embrace a campaign Hispanic outreach director who doesn’t believe in borders and why does the Soros-funded think tank he helped form, The Reform Institute, hold student art contests demonizing the border fence?

A reminder of the prize winners and some of the top entrants:







And oh, by the way, he’ll sign the shamnesty bill if he’s in the White House. Not that you should have ever doubted that, anyway…

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