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Shamnesty-Supporting Florida Gov. Endorses...McCain; Will Jeb Bush Weigh In?
Birds of a feather.
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Florida governor Charlie Crist is endorsing John McCain at this moment. (Update: Allah’s got the vid.)

“I think the world of him…we have to think about when it comes to Tuesday about who you’re going to support…thinking about it a lot…I don’t think anybody could do a better job than the man who stands beside me, John McCain…that’s an endorsement.”

Say hello to another soft-on- illegal immigration Republican joining the bandwagon for the Democrats’ favorite Republican. Crist supported the Teddy Kennedy/McCain/Mel Martinez shamnesty. Crist also supported driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

Birds of a feather...


Oh, and say goodbye to Rudy Giuliani’s presidential hopes.


The Romney-Jeb Bush connection:

…he draws heavily on the political network of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the president’s brother.

His senior policy adviser, Sally Bradshaw, was a chief of staff for Jeb Bush, for example, while his state director, Mandy Fletcher, was Florida political director of President Bush’s 2004 campaign and executive director of a Jeb Bush advocacy group.


Romney national finance co-chairman Mark Guzzetta is a close personal and business associate of Bush, having worked on both of his gubernatorial bids and served as finance co-chairman of Bush’s second campaign.

Bush, who was best man in Guzzetta’s wedding, appointed him to the Florida Transportation Commission in 1999.

Bush’s press secretary, general counsel, statehouse policy director and some of his field staff all also signed up with Romney.

“Gov. Romney was smart, he came in here early on and met with everyone and hired us up,” said Fletcher.

Jeb Bush says he’s neutral.


Check out the list of Lawyers for Romney, which includes many former Fredheads.


And if you haven’t seen McCain’s crooked talk about Mitt Romney’s position on Iraq, here it is.

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