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New Hampshire Recount of Democrat Ballots Finds No Conspiracy
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Not that it will make any difference to the tinfoil hat crowd, but New Hampshire finished recounting a large sample of Democrat ballots at the behest of quitter Denny Kucinich and found no evidence of a fraud conspiracy:

The recount of Democratic primary votes in New Hampshire that Cleveland’s Dennis Kucinich requested hasn’t changed any candidate’s voting percentage “by more than a few hundredths of a percentage point so far,” the Nashua Telegraph newspaper reports today.

Kucinich paid $27,000 to recount about 40 percent of New Hampshire’s Democratic ballots after Hillary Clinton polled disproportionately well in machine-counted parts of the state. According to the Telegraph, the partial vote count Kucinich paid for may be finished this week, after which he’ll decide whether to pay approximately $40,000 more to recount the rest of the state’s Democratic votes.

When the Democratic recount wraps up, Republican primary ballots will be recounted at the request of a little-known GOP candidate from Michigan, Albert Howard, who got just 44 votes.

“The hand recount seem to support local officials’ confidence in AccuVote scanners, which tally the election-night votes from the paper ballots at most area precincts,” the newspaper reported. “But they may not placate the concern of those who worry about the ‘chain of custody’ — the security of the cardboard boxes that hold ballots between the time that polls close and the time that recounts start.”

Another New Hampshire newspaper, Manchester’s Union Leader, applauded the congressman for seeking the recount and agreeing to use campaign money to pay for it.

The newspaper opined that Kucinich’s recount “will answer some questions and put to rest some of the conspiracy theories being circulated. OK, it won’t end all the conspiracy theories. Some people are impervious to facts. But it will show whether the ‘irregularities’ Kucinich and others think they have found are real.”

Here are the official recount results.


“The Democratic outcome barely changed in the partial recount, which lasted a week. Kucinich, who paid for the effort and is set to drop out of the national race today, lost six votes from election night tallies in the towns the recount had covered…The Democratic recount went through ballots in all of Hillsborough County and 18 towns in Rockingham County.

Because they finished so far out of the running, Kucinich and Howard have to pay for the recount. Kucinich put up $27,000 of the total $67,600 cost, so counting stopped at 114,376 ballots.

In Democratic recount results, Hillary Clinton lost 26 votes; Barack Obama lost seven votes; John Edwards lost 18 and Bill Richardson gained 43.

No matter. Some people are impervious to facts. It’s the nutroots’ way of life.

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