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The GOP Race in Florida
Sunshine and clouds.
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Check out the latest Rasmussen numbers for the GOP race in Florida. Romney’s got a slight lead, McCain and Giuliani are neck and neck, Huck’s plummeting, and Fred’s gotta figure out what to do with his 12 percent. Note that a significant chunk of The Maverick’s supporters are wavering:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds Mitt Romney with a slight lead in Florida’s Republican Presidential Primary. John McCain and Rudy Giuliani are close behind in what may develop into a three-man race. It’s Romney at 25%, McCain at 20%, and Giuliani at 19%. Romney has picked up seven points over the past week while McCain and Giuliani each inched up a point.

Last week, before the Michigan and South Carolina Primaries, Rasmussen Reports polling found essentially a four-way tie for the lead in Florida. However, Mike Huckabee has slipped to 13% in the current poll. A week ago, he was the top choice for 17%.

One major wild card in the race may be Fred Thompson. The former Senator from Tennessee is considering dropping out of the race after a disappointing showing in South Carolina last Saturday. Twelve percent (12%) of Florida’s Likely Republican Primary Voters still support the actor turned politician.

Even though early voting has already begun, the race remains incredibly fluid. Just 54% of likely voters say they are “certain” of how they will vote. Six percent (6%) have not yet made up their mind and 12% say there’s a good chance they could change their mind.

Giuliani and Huckabee have the most solid support at this time. Sixty-seven percent (67%) of Giuliani’s supporters are “certain” they will vote for him along with 65% of those who favor Huckabee. For Romney, just 55% are that certain. For McCain, just 48% are that certain. In fact, 22% of McCain’s supporters still say there’s a good chance they could change their mind.

A Politico writer asks: “Could Huckabee be angling for the No. 2 spot on McCain’s ticket, or a Cabinet position in a McCain administration?”


Meanwhile, a Fred decision is expected tomorrow.

What if he throws his support to his good friend McCain?

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