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A Thompson Operative in Georgia Moves to Romney
"...clearly Fred Thompson is not going to be the nominee."
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For what it’s worth, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Fred defections have begun (hat tip – reader Rosebud):

The Fred Thompson lifeboat in Georgia just a little lighter.

Senate President pro tem Eric Johnson of Savannah, the ranking Republican in that chamber and one of the leaders of the draft-Fred movement last year, is switching to presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Johnson said he’s got no special knowledge of whether Thompson, who finished third in South Carolina on Saturday, will be pulling out of the Republican contest.

“I don’t know if he’s pulling out today or tomorrow or not at all,” Johnson told us from Savannah. “But clearly Fred Thompson is not going to be the nominee.”

Expect more defections. “All of the campaigns are reaching out to the Thompson people,” the senator said.

Allah’s got a poll asking: “Would a McCain/Thompson ticket make you more likely to vote for McCain?”

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