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The End of Mike Huckabee
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He’s taking the stage at his Columbia HQ. Huckabee says he just called McCain to congratulate him and thank him for a “civil,” “decent” campaign.

Huckabee slyly attacks Romney by praising himself and McCain for campaigning with “honor” instead of attacking someone else.

Oookay. The sanctimony is oozing like a popped zit. Ick.

The guys at Hot Air are on my same wavelength.

Huck tries to encourage his troops to feel “sheer joy.” Unconvincingly.

Maybe I heard it wrong, but I think he just referred to his campaign in the past tense: “What we had…”

Pep talk: “We didn’t lose tonight. The game ended a little early tonight. The path to the White House is not ending here tonight. We’re resetting the clock…I still believe a year from now…all of you will be in Washington for my inauguration…We’ve got a lot of miles ahead of us…”

Unconvincing. He’s trying to mask his disappointment. It’s not working.

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