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Maybe Chelsea Should Have Kept Quiet
Silent partner no more.
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She refused to talk to a 9-year-old kid reporter on the campaign trail, but Chelsea Clinton did sit down with a hand-picked group of Stanford University students (who chose not to publicize the event to the rest of the campus). The Stanford Daily reports:

Chelsea Clinton ‘01 fielded questions about her mother’s presidential bid last night before an audience of more than 100 young women packed on the floor of the Pi Beta Phi lounge.

Chelsea Clinton ‘01 made a campaign stop at Stanford yesterday evening, taking questions about her mother’s record on healthcare, Iraq and the Darfur genocide in the Pi Beta Phi lounge. She urged students to vote in California’s Feb. 5 primary.

The former first daughter’s address followed a smaller round table discussion at Old Union. Campaign organizers reached out to sororities in an effort to target women, one of Hillary Clinton’s “core demographics,” according to Carolyn Forstein ‘10, an associate with the Clinton campaign in San Francisco and a member of Stanford Students for Hillary.

“We had to reach out to Hillary supporters and undecided voters,” Forstein said. “We wanted to keep it pretty small, so we didn’t advertise that Chelsea was coming.”

Snort-worthy Chelsea quote: “We are just trying to make my mom’s campaign more accessible to people.”

Accessible…by holding hush-hush roundtables with carefully chosen attendees.

Here’s what she had to say about momma and health care:

“[My mother] and Senator [John] Edwards are committed to universal healthcare,” she said. “Senator [Barack] Obama [D-Ill.] is committed to what we call ‘virtual’ universal healthcare which would make it an option for people to buy into the system. What my mother argues is that if you don’t mandate that everyone have healthcare, the healthy people may not buy into the system, which means that the average cost of insuring people is a lot higher.”

I covered Dr. Hillcare’s plan vs. Obama’s plan here.

Reader Mark e-mails about Chelsea’s remarks: “Oh did you like how she was nice to John Edwards? Hmmm.”

Don’t worry. Silky won’t be returning the favor.

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