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Romney Chokes Up Again
No more tears.
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I seriously think we need to start sending all the presidential candidates little bottles of Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo. Because if there are any more tears on the campaign trail, Election 2008 is going to turn into Lifetime Television. We’ve got Hillary moaning in New Hampshire about how hard it is to be her and then running to Nevada to hold hands with illegal alien women, and now Mitt Romney is choking up again. (He pulled a Hillary before Hillary did on Meet The Press last month.) Henry Payne at NRO reports that the candidate choked up when a voter paid tribute to his father:

In his first state campaign stop in Grand Rapids, a voter fondly recalled his father, George, former Michigan governor and CEO of AMC. “He was a great man and I miss him dearly,” said the candidate, choking up.

Look, I hate to sound harsh, but we live in a time of war. If the Democrats want to nominate a 9/10-era candidate whose eyes leak like a faucet whenever push comes to shove, fine.

But Republicans do not need an Oprah in a three-piece suit.


Commenter uhangtight points out the very different contexts in which Romney and Hillary had their public displays of emotion. Point taken. Politicians are human beings, no question. But they are politicians. They know their every move–including eye emissions– is being watched. They’re working to out-kinder-and-gentler-ize themselves in the wake of Hill’s surprise win in NH. That’s the bigger picture here. Sorry I’m not on board.

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