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Diebold Derangement Syndrome
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It has surfaced again: Nutroots hysteria over alleged voter fraud caused by Evil Diebold:




How Evil Diebold–controlled by the GOP/Bush mafia, you know–got Hillary Clinton voters to conspire with them is not exactly clear. Tinfoil-hat theories never are.

Jason Smith is amused: “The news really isn’t that the nutroots are again blaming electoral defeat on conspiracy theories… but that they’re highlighting the fact that Democrats are out there trying to commit election fraud today. Quite the admission.”


Via Instapundit, here’s a closer look at the Diebold conspiracy claims, which concludes:

There are so many variables in an election result that to put Hillary’s win down to jiggery-pokery without any real evidence is over the top. Demographics of the turnout and McCain siphoning Independents away from Obama at the last minute are infinitely more likely to have affected the than Diebold skullduggery.

Rick Moran: “Is it ever going to be possible to have an election in this country where some idiot lefty doesn’t believe that voting machines were hacked and the results tampered with?”



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