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Race and the Race: Will the MSM Quit Fear-Mongering Now?
Black and white.
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Ok. Now that Barack Obama has won a resounding victory in 94.9 percent white Iowa, will the MSM and the Dems stop yammering about racist, un-diverse voters already? The bigotry concern troll act is getting old and tired. Not as old and tired as Hillary Clinton’s campaign. But close.


For the second time in less than a month, “Good Morning America” co-host Chris Cuomo asked a Democratic presidential candidate to speculate about the inherent racism of American voters. Talking with John Edwards on Wednesday’s edition of the program, the ABC journalist wondered about Thursday’s Iowa caucus. He inquired, “When you think people get into the room, do you think race or gender may play an unspoken role in the caucus voting?”

Clearly, this is a topic that weighs heavily on Cuomo. On December 20, he spoke to Senator Barack Obama and asked, “What do you think the bigger obstacle is for you in becoming president, the Clinton campaign machine or America’s inherent racists, racism?” In fact, GMA has a long history of harping on how bigoted America is. Since November 13, 2006, “Good Morning America” has featured the question, in some form or another, a total of five times.

Flashback: Video of the “inherent racism” meme.

Flashback (via State 29): The DNC hate Iowa crackers.

Well, it looks like the answer is no. No, the MSM won’t stop yammering about un-diverse white voters. Here’s the NYTimes editorial this morning, right on cue as I predicted, clamoring for an end to the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary by zeroing in on its lack of, you guessed it, racial diversity:

We don’t question the enthusiasm or the commitment of the people of Iowa and New Hampshire. But Iowa, where a huge turnout amounts to less than 10 percent of the population, is about 92 percent white, more rural and older than the rest of the nation. New Hampshire has a non-Hispanic white population of about 95 percent

Yes, white, rural, elderly voters turned out in droves for black candidate Obama and rejected white, union-backed hacks Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

This must be stopped!

The Times editorial concludes:

…None of this has led us to a choice in the nominating contests, never mind for the presidency. The majority of Americans are in the same position. That’s why they should be allowed to see and hear more of these candidates, and not have to settle for the judgments of the people of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Oh, we’ve seen and heard plenty. And who’s being forced to “settle for the judgments of the people of Iowa and New Hampshire?” Voters in the rest of the nation’s caucuses and primaries will get their chance. Someone has to go first. The Times proposes a regional system “in which states are divided into regional groups that vote on a designated day. The honor of going first would rotate year to year among the regions.” But even if the Times editorial board got its way, I guarantee you the paper would still complain that the designated first-in-the-nation regional group to vote had an unfair electoral advantage that tainted other regional voters’ decisions.

Well, on to New Hampshire.

Or, as you’ll be hearing endlessly for the next four days, 95 percent White New Hampshire.


Silly side note: Looks like Obama reeled a few voters in with an all-important Scarlett Johansson endorsement and personal appearance in Iowa. A dash of Danish/Polish-American starlet diversity never hurts.

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