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Hillary's "Change" Agents: What's Wrong with This Picture?
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“Ready for Change?” What’s wrong with this picture? What do you think of when you think “change?” Madeleine Albright? The Big He? Failed Dem presidential candidate Wesley Clark? Not exactly fresh face material. Was there anyone on stage besides Chelsea who doesn’t carry an AARP membership card?




Is it any wonder:

Nearly a quarter of Democratic caucus-goers interviewed in the entrance poll were under 30 years old, a jump from 2004. Obama got 57 percent of the vote from the under-30 crowd, compared with just 14 percent for 2004 vice presidential nominee John Edwards and 11 percent for Clinton. Twenty-eight percent of Obama’s support came from the under-30 set, according to a survey of voters entering the caucuses by The Associated Press and the television networks.


The speech video posted by the Hillary campaign…in case you want to see the living corpses moving…

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