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Honor Killings in Dallas? Muslim Father Sought in Murders of Young Daughters
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In the wake of the honor killing of Aqsa Parvez, the murders in Dallas of teenagers Amina and Sarah Said have the blogosphere buzzing. Their Egyptian Muslim fugitive father is wanted for capital murder. Bryan’s been tracking here and here. Atlas Shrugs has extensive coverage. Caleb Easterwood points out a chilling detail:

The girls were well-liked and made good grades at Lewisville High School. Their father was strict and rarely let them spend time with friends. When Sarah, 17, recently met a boy at her job, she told a friend that her father would kill her if he found out.

Friends are now rethinking the way they understood that turn of phrase.

The national media, consumed with campaign coverage, hasn’t said much about the case (the Washington Times is an exception)–though, as Phyllis Chesler points out, “the hardcopy edition of the New York Times carried a story about a presumably non-Muslim honor killing in Chicago, in which a father, Subhash Chander, killed his pregnant daughter, son-in-law and 3 year-old grandson “because he disapproved of his daughter’s marriage” to a lower-caste man.”

Debbie Schlussel shares an exchange with a local reporter.

Local NBC5 has interviews with the murdered girls’ boyfriends.

Related video: Robert Spencer asks, “Why is the left silent about “honor killings?”

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