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Hollyweird Hugo Chavez Fan Club: Oliver Stone Signs Up
Thug love.
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Because there aren’t enough moonbat celebrity losers hanging around Venezuela:

American filmmaker Oliver Stone praised President Hugo Chavez on Friday as the Venezuelan leader launched a mission to airlift three hostages held by leftist rebels out of Colombia’s jungles.

Stone, standing near Chavez, said he was working on a film and hoped to accompany the humanitarian operation into Colombia.

“I’m doing a documentary about Latin America and also about North America. You have to wait around to see it,” Stone told reporters. He said he planned to take part in the mission, calling it a “beautiful, great process.”

“I’m hoping it works. I’m all for this,” Stone said.

The Oscar-winning director, who made a 2003 documentary about Cuban President Fidel Castro as well as the movie “Platoon,” called Chavez a “great man” and said “I’m a fan.”

Urging Stone to speak with reporters, Chavez told him in accented English: “The girls want to see you!” He joked that Stone was President Bush’s “envoy.”

“There are some good Americans. That’s why I’m here, to remind you,” Stone said.

I smell sulfur.


Doesn’t Chavez know he’s taking Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s reject?

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