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Would You, Could You, Vote McCain?
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john mccaon

Here’s some straight talk about John McCain from New Hampshire voters, via the Boston Globe. The voters’ main concerns: He’s a Ted Kennedy shamnesty supporter and he’s too old:

The Manchester Union Leader attacks Romney as a Johnny-come-lately on behalf of McCain–himself a Johnny-come-lately (and not a very sincere one) on immigration enforcement.


Allah is depressingly right about this:

I’m not looking forward to nine months of “well, he beats the alternative” posts next year, but then we’re pretty much guaranteed that no matter who wins the nomination.

Thomas Sowell also speaks for me:

None of the candidates looks truly inspiring at this point. I wouldn’t buy a used car from most of them, nor a brand new car from some of them…

… John McCain seems to be having a little resurgence but it is hard to believe that Republicans are so desperate as to support a man who joined with far left Democrat Russ Feingold to restrict free speech in the name of “campaign finance reform” and with Ted Kennedy to sponsor a bill giving amnesty to illegal immigrants.

…This nation has come back from unpromising times before. Let’s hope that we have not already used up all our luck.

Today’s poll question:

Would you, could you, vote McCain?

Would you, could you, vote McCain?
Yes, I love John McCain!
Yes, sigh, I’d hold my nose and vote McCain.
No, I’ll sit it out if he’s the GOP nominee.
No, I’d vote for Hillary before I’d vote for McCain.
No. Never. I’d rather be waterboarded.
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