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The "White Boys" vs. "Hillaryland"
Patti Solis Doyle: "Latina queena."
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The WSJ has a softball profile of Hillary’s “right-hand woman” (er, shouldn’t that be “left-hand woman”), open borders activist and Norman Hsu guest Patti Solis Doyle. She is known as the “Latina queena:”

Patti Solis grew up a gangly girl with cat-eye glasses and armfuls of books in the working-class Pilsen section of Chicago, the youngest of six children. She was the favorite of her father, Santiago Solis, who first entered the U.S. illegally from Mexico with almost no education. (Both parents and the four siblings born in Mexico became U.S. citizens later.) When the first son got involved in Chicago politics, Patti and other family members handed out leaflets and attended his rallies. She went to Northwestern University on scholarship and followed her brother, who became an alderman, into Chicago politics.

At the start of Bill Clinton’s presidential bid in 1991, a Chicago political consultant he’d hired sent Ms. Solis to Arkansas to work on the campaign. She was assigned to Hillary Clinton.

“Who’s Hillary?” she recalls asking. “Ah, man, I don’t want to work for the wife.” She was even surer after meeting “this lady in long blond hair with a headband.”

Sen. Clinton on a ‘Hill-a-Copter’ tour of Iowa arranged by campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle. But soon the two were on the campaign trail, with a trip to Florida. “It was barely short of disaster,” Mrs. Clinton recalls. “Neither one of us knew what we were doing.” Though they had grown up very differently — Sen. Clinton in an upper-middle-class suburb and Ms. Solis Doyle in a mainly immigrant city neighborhood — both were driven, and they found common ground in their strong fathers.

When the Clintons moved into the White House, Ms. Solis Doyle became scheduling director for the first lady. There, what her family and friends call her “Latina queena” persona emerged: playful, loud and domineering.

The politics of racial identity and gender identity are at odds in two of Hillary’s internal campaign camps. Let them destroy each other:

The campaign has two power centers: longtime advisers to former President Clinton — “the white boys,” insiders call them — and “Hillaryland,” a group of people, mostly women, who’ve been with her since she was First Lady.

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