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Socialist Supermodel Strikes Again
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Hugo Chavez celebrity cheerleader Naomi Campbell can’t get enough of leftist thug-o-crats. Now she’s playing “investigative journalist” in Cuba–visiting housing projects and whoring for Fidel Castro. Hey, if S ean Penn can do it, why not Naomi? (Hat tip: Power Line)

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, who recently conducted a lengthy magazine interview with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, on Friday visited a new housing project his country built for Cuban oil refinery workers.

Cuban news agency Prensa Latina said the British-born model chatted with a young married couple who will live in one of 100 small, white cookie-cutter houses recently built near the Camilo Cienfuegos refinery. The refinery was renovated with Venezuelan assistance.

Accompanied by Cuban Vice Foreign Minister Alejandro Gonzalez, Campbell posed with the couple after congratulating them on their new home. It was unclear what Campbell was doing in Cuba, but she visited Venezuela in October for an interview with Chavez for an unspecified publication.

Actually, it’s very clear what’s she’s doing: Making an abject global fool of herself.

Naomi, meet Pedro Carreno.


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