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Operation Rescue Hillary
The Hillary You Know.
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Ah, the whiff of desperation in morning. Can you smell it? It’s Hillary Clinton’s new perfume. She’s on a whirlwind media tour this morning to rescue her crumbling campaign. “You can look inside her mouth, if you want.” Eww.

However flabbergastingly stupid her missteps have been, though, it would be a mistake to count her out. (Case in point: See The Real Oprah Effect.) She may be as transparent as glass to most of us, but she does have legions of blind followers, supporters, and fence-sitters who will be swayed by maudlin efforts like the new likeability project and “The Hillary I Know” website:

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, trying to warm up an image some voters perceive as cold, starts a drive Monday to showcase her personal side with testimonials from friends, associates and constituents she has helped.

The online and in-person campaign, complete with a website called, comes a day after Clinton won a key endorsement from The Des Moines Register and her chief rival in the Democratic nomination race, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, was endorsed by The Boston Globe…

…Clinton had an unfavorable rating of 50% in a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll this month, compared with mid-30s for Obama and former North Carolina senator John Edwards. She was rated least friendly of the three in a recent Pew Research Center poll.

Taking steps to fix the problem, Clinton has brought her mother and daughter to Iowa and featured them in TV ads. One of Clinton’s constituents, Shannon Mallozzi of East Northport, N.Y., was on her way there Sunday as part of the new campaign. Mallozzi has a 6-year-old daughter with an incurable brain disease called hydrocephalus. As she waited to catch a plane to Des Moines for two days of campaigning, she said she spent a half-hour with Clinton several years ago to describe the disease and ask how to encourage federal research.

“She made me feel like it was just two mothers” talking in her car, Mallozzi said, then worked with her to get action on the disease and checked up on her daughter’s health. Mallozzi said she once viewed Clinton as aloof and remote, but “she’s anything but that.”

Mark Penn, a top Clinton strategist, said that’s the message: “It’s important for people to understand the depth of Hillary, the way she has helped people.”

Make sure to check out that website. It’s an irresistible invitation for spoofers and past victims of the Clintons’ Reign of Terror and Error to provide their own testimonies of the Hillary They Knew.

Peter Paul knew Hillary well. Here’s the Hillary he knew:

The NLPC knew Hillary. Here’s what they knew.

Billy Dale knew Hillary. Here’s what he knew.

Warm, likeable Hillary? Don’t make me cackle like she did on Fox and Friends this morning:

Brrrrr. Bryan’s got more of that interview at HA.

Jim Hoft takes a closer look at Hillary’s not-so-soft side. Filled with F-bombs.

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