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New al Qaeda Tape Released for the Holidays
Jihad bells, jihad bells, jihad all the way.
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Screenshot via the Jawa Report. Hah.

Ho, ho, ho, it’s Ayman al Zawahiri singing the jihadi blues. He’s boiling mad about the Annapolis summit (not the only one):

A new al Qaeda communique featuring Al-Qaeda’s number-two man was released on the internet Friday morning.

References to last month’s peace conference in Annapolis indicate the recording is recent. The message, in Arabic, has not yet been fully translated, but early analysis indicates it contains fulminations about Mideast leaders’ positions expressed at the late November event.

Experts have authenticated the tape and confirmed the voice belongs to Zawahiri. It was released by As Sahab, the terror group’s propaganda operation.

The recording – audio over a still photomontage showing images of Zawahiri, Bush and Middle Eastern leaders – is 20 minutes, two seconds long.

The vigilant SITE Institute has more details:

Here he criticizes Palestinian Authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas, and all attendees of the conference, and assures Palestinians that their brothers, the Mujahideen, will never abandon them. Zawahiri calls upon all Muslims and Palestinians, invoking the words of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi in reminding that Jihad is ultimately to liberate Jerusalem, and urging them to come to Jihad, support Palestine and establish the Islamic Caliphate.

The speech also calls to dismiss all previous conferences and accords, such as Oslo, Madrid, Camp David and Sharm el Sheikh, and questions why the Mufti of Saudi Arabia sat idle as these happened. Additionally, he calls upon soldiers in the Egyptian army to not support the enemy campaign to force Palestinians into a ghetto in Gaza between Egypt and Israel.

Zawahiri also addresses Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, not mentioning the bombings Tuesday, December 11, in Algiers, giving indication that the recording may have been made in early-December. To these Mujahideen, he informs that Algerian representatives attended the Annapolis conference, thus betraying Palestinians, and it is their duty to take action.

And still more from the wires:

“The czar of Washington invited 16 Arab countries … to sit in one room, at one table with the Israelis,” al-Zawahri said, adding that the conference “witnessed the betrayal deals to sell Palestine.”

The authenticity of the Friday’s posting could not be independently confirmed, but it appeared on a Web site commonly used by militants.

Al-Zawahri mainly addressed Arabs, urging them to condemn the Annapolis conference and label Mahmoud Abbas as “the traitor,” adding that the Palestinian “brother-president sold you out in Annapolis and in its aftermath.”

It’s time now, he said, for the Muslims to “extent hands to other jihad brothers”_ a likely reference to militants beyond the Middle East.

“My brothers in Palestine, we, all Muslims, the Mujahedeen are by your side, in your confrontation with the Zionist enemy,” al-Zawahri said. “We will not let you down even if your politicians do.”

Update: Jawas and Laura Mansfield have the tape.

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