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GOP Immigration Drag Queens, Part II
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A few items for you this morning on our leading GOP immigration drag queens running for president.

First up: Video of Mayor Rudy Giuliani boasting that NYC is “quite tolerant of undocumented immigration and this shouldn’t surprise you because I’ve been mayor of this city a long time and outspoken on this issue even nationally, and I happen to agree with that. I think NYC should not deal with undocumented immigrants in a harsh way. I think we’re much better off being ‘sensible’ and ‘practical’ about it…”

He made his remarks on September 7, 2001–eight years after “undocumented immigrants,” who enjoyed “sensible” sanctuary policies, helped carry out the first World Trade Center bombing and four days before several hijacker jihadists, whose immigration documents had expired and who also benefited from “practical” immigration non-enforcement, participated in the worst terrorist attack on American soil. “Better off” with sanctuary? I think not:

Next: Audio of Mike Huckabee on the Laura Ingraham show trying to dodge a direct question about whether he supports the use of the security-underming matricula consular card for illegal aliens. It’s a simple yes or no question. Huckabee does a typical shuck-and-jive.

Call him Shuckabee:

Partial transcript:

LG: You didn’t come out against [the Mexican] consulate issuing consular ID cards though, did you?

MH: I actually signed a bill in 2005 that prohibited people from getting a driver’s license who were illegal–

LG: –that’s not answering the question, governor. I understand that. But that’s not answering the question. Because I’m staying on this consulate issue. On the issue of the Mexican consulate, did you or did you not oppose the Mexican consulates issuing ID cards that are then used by illegal aliens to open bank accounts and get a number of other social services beyond health care and beyond education in the United States.

MG: Well, what I want to do is fix this entire problem by having sealed borders.

Not much of a “fix” if he’s inviting foreign consulates to rent out space for $1 a year to hand out bogus illegal alien ID cards so more immigration laws can be broken.

Here’s more analysis by Laura and me of Huckabee’s not-so-straight talk:

Caveat emptor, people. Caveat emptor.


Tim Sumner of 9/11 Families for a Safe and Secure America has a special card for Mike Shuckabee.

The Washington Post still doesn’t get it.


More audio: Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters interviewed Huckabee last night. You can listen here. At about the 21-minute mark, Huckabee comments on the Gilchrist endorsement and again plugs his nine-point immigration plan as proof of his border security bona fides. You’ll hear him characterize the plan as realistic and compassionate because it doesn’t just “grind our heels in the faces” of illegal aliens. Even as he’s trying to persuade border security advocates that he’s one of them, it’s too hard for him to camouflage his open-borders contempt for strict immigration enforcement.

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