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End the Baseball Freak Show; Update: President Bush Comments
"Human pharmacies."
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Sorry, guys, I’m not much of a baseball fan, so I shortchanged you all on the big steroid report yesterday. Allah tracked it all. Here’s Rush Limbaugh’s take. And US sportswriters have their say today, calling for an end to the baseball “freak show:”

American sportswriters on Friday urged Major League Baseball to take harsher action to prevent steroid and hormone use following the release of a probe that accused some 80 players of doping.

The Mitchell Report named top stars Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens among dozens of current and former players who have used steroids, exposing more than a decade of drug use in the sport known as America’s pastime.

“On Thursday, (former US senator George) Mitchell pulled back a tiny flap on the curtain covering baseball’s freak show and let in some light. It was ugly, it was revealing. And it was high time. What a great day for baseball,” wrote Anne Killion in the San Jose Mercury News.

Scott Bordow of the East Valley Tribune in Mesa, Arizona, said that like many, he was drawn to the “wow factor” of seeing unexpected names like famed Yankees pitchers Clemens — who issued a quick denial through his lawyer — and Andy Pettitte among the “cheaters.”

“But as I read through the names and their stories, I became numb. Was this really surprising? Was I shocked that many of baseball’s greats had become human pharmacies the last 20 years? Of course not … What’s important is what Major League Baseball does with the report.”

What say you?


Update: President Bush comments at a press conference. “Steroids have sullied the game…I urge those in the public spotlight…that when they violate their bodies, they send a terrible signal to America’s youth.”


In related news, BALCO steroid client Marion Jones, the tarnished track star, had all of her medals stripped by the IOC earlier this week:

The International Olympic Committee ended the once stellar Olympic career of U.S. sprinter Marion Jones on Wednesday, taking back her five Sydney 2000 Games medals after she admitted to taking drugs.

“She is disqualified and scrapped from the results,” IOC President Jacques Rogge told reporters after an executive board meeting.

“We disqualified Marion Jones from the five events she took part in Sydney and for one event in Athens (2004 Olympics) which is the long jump where she was fifth,” Rogge said.

Rogge said she was also banned from the 2008 Beijing Olympics in any capacity and the IOC reserved the right for any further sanction.

Jones, who became the first woman to win five medals in a single Olympics after winning gold in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 4×400 meters relay and taking bronze in the long jump and 4x100m relay, could go to jail for lying to federal investigators.

She returned her medals to the United States Olympic Committee after telling the court in White Plains, New York in October she had taken the banned substance known as “clear” from September 2000 to July 2001. She accepted a two-year ban from the sport.

Jones also pleaded guilty to two counts of providing false statements to federal investigators and check fraud and will be sentenced in January.

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