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JROTC in San Francisco Rescued
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When last I reported to you on the fate of the JROTC program in San Francisco, which was targeted last year by moonbats and scheduled for cancellation, the school board had iced a resolution in November to give the cadets a reprieve.

Reader Doug sends a bit of good news via the SF Chronicle: The board granted the program a year-long extension last night. Why? Because they haven’t been able to put any effective, acceptable substitute programs in place:

The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps gets to stay in San Francisco high schools for one more year, the district’s school board decided Tuesday night.

More than 100 students packed the meeting as the board voted 5 to 2 to extend the program through the 2008-2009 school year.

Board President Mark Sanchez and board member Eric Mar voted against the measure.

The board also decided to allow JROTC courses to continue to count toward up to two years of physical education courses, which is required for graduation.

The board voted a year ago to eliminate the 90-year-old program at the end of this school year, with a majority of members then saying its connection with a discriminatory and homophobic military means it has no place in public education.

At the time of the vote, the board also required a task force to identify an alternative program to replace the popular leadership program that now serves 1,200 students in seven of the district’s high schools.

That task force, however, didn’t meet until April. This fall, the group – consisting of district staff as well as JROTC supporters and critics – requested an extension of JROTC at all the high schools, saying there wasn’t enough time to develop an alternative by this fall…

…JROTC fosters student leadership skills using a military command structure. The curriculum includes citizenship, the U.S. Constitution, uniform care, navigation skills and physical training including marching drills.

The district splits the $1.7 million cost of JROTC with the federal government.

A recent survey of JROTC students in San Francisco schools found that 74 percent of the 835 current and former cadets felt that the program was a place where they felt “safe and appreciated in high school.” At the same time, 16 percent said they were interested in pursuing a military career.

If the board had a lick of courage, it would admit it made a mistake and stand up to the anti-war loons like this one:

“I’m really disappointed,” said Martha Hubert, a member of Code Pink who opposed the extension. Students “should have a choice of better things to do.”

Hubert and her Pinko ilk are the ones who are anti-choice. Shame.



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