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Far left talk show host Bernie Ward's child porn indictment is all Bush's fault!
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Photo credit: Hot Air

Via the San Francisco Chronicle (where else?) comes this nutty apologia for left-wing talk show host Bernie Ward, who was nailed in a child porn bust last week (hat tip: reader Daniel):

Editor – Perhaps if Bernie Ward had been less critical of the Bush/Cheney administration, he might not have been charged with a 3-year-old technical violation concerning child pornography. Not only was Bernie critical of the Bushes, he was very articulate and factual in his criticisms, which probably made him even more dangerous to Bush and his minions.

This smacks of a Bush/Cheney “subtle warning,” not just to Bernie, but to any popular figure who might want to criticize the Bush administration, such as former Ambassador Joseph Wilson. WILLIAM T. DRAKE Vacaville

Brian Maloney, who broke the story last week, follows up with a closer look at liberal paranoia and asks: “Could there be any clearer indication that the “progressive” left have officially lost their minds?”

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