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NBC Flip-Flops on Freedom's Watch Ads
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Update 9:30pm Eastern. The NBC logo photoshopping continues…

Reader Roger sends this one:


Update: It’s official.

Shocker! The NBC lawyer who originally nixed the pro-troops ads is a big Dem donor.



You’ve all been following the moonbat-influenced decision by NBC to turn down pro-troops public service ads from Freedom’s Watch. If you haven’t seen the ads, enjoy:

The peacock network says the ads were too “political.” Because, you know, simply saying “thank you” to the troops and asking others to do the same is just like calling an American general a traitor or exploiting the death toll in Iraq…which did in an ad that ran on the Today Show, according to Newsbusters.

After enduring a nationwide backlash, it seems NBC may be flip-flopping. Drudge reports:

Under pressure from outraged viewers, NBC has reversed its decision not to air the Freedom’s Watch ads thanking troops..

Stay tuned…to anything but NBC.


Reader Mike sends a photoshopped NBC logo. Got your own suggestions? Send ’em in:


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