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More Illegal Alien Drunk Drivers I'm Not Supposed to Mention
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(L) Illegal alien drunk driver Juan Manuel Juarez Reyes, Boone, NC, accused of killing a man in a Thanksgiving holiday crash; (R) Jacklin Munguia-Herrera, 5, killed by an illegal alien drunk driving suspect over the Thanksgiving holiday in Oakland, CA

Last week, an illegal alien in the desert rescued a boy who was stranded after his mother died in a car crash. Yes, it was a touching story. No, it doesn’t mean we should hand over citizenship to every illegal alien who does a good deed. Left-wing e-mailers touted the open-borders AP story, demanding that I cover it and accusing me of being a heartless racist.

But why should I cover it? Open-borders sympathizers dominate the MSM. The AP story was carried far and wide. I cover stories that provide counterbalance–stories that do not fit the shamnesty-promoting narrative of the AP, Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, etc., etc., etc. Hysterical opponents interpret my emphasis on the negative public safety and national security consequences of lax immigration enforcment as some sort of blanket indictment of all illegal aliens. No. It’s an indictment of immigration enforcement officials at all levels of government who refuse to do their jobs and Washington politicians who let them get away with it for fear of crossing Big Business and the multiculti mob.

Here’s a new story of an illegal alien drunk driver in Boone, NC, that I’m not supposed to mention:

An illegal immigrant is accused of driving drunk in Boone over the Thanksgiving holiday and plowing into a sport utility vehicle, killing a man inside.

Boone police said Juan Manuel Juarez Reyes slammed into the rear of a Lexus SUV that was about to turn from Highway 105 onto Poplar Hill Drive shortly before 11 p.m. Friday. The SUV was skidded 250 feet, hitting a Watauga County deputy’s patrol car. The occupants of the SUV were trapped inside their vehicle but the deputy was not hurt.

The driver, Sallie Ellis Newell, and passenger Jacqueline Elizabeth Newell were taken to the Watauga County Medical Center where they were treated in released. But Brian Alan Newell and Andrew Russell Newell, who was in the back passenger-side seat, were flown to Johnson City Regional Medical Center.

Andrew Newell, 22, died at the hospital. His father remains in critical condition.

Family members said the Newells were returning from a Thanksgiving trip to South Carolina and were only a quarter-mile from home.

Authorities said Monday that Juarez Reyes was caught in the country by Border Patrol agents in 2002 and was sent back to Mexico. They aren’t sure when he re-entered the United States.

Police say he was speeding and drunk when the crash happened.

And here’s another from Oakland, Calif.:

An Oakland man charged Monday with murdering two children in a Thanksgiving night hit-and-run crash told his 17-year-old nephew moments before impact that he didn’t care if he or the teenager died as a result of his speeding, a prosecutor said.

Carmelo Salas, 28, was charged with murder in the deaths of Stephanie Cervantez, 14, and her 4-year-old cousin, Jacklin Munguia-Herrera, for allegedly running a stop sign in East Oakland and crashing his Ford Expedition sport utility vehicle into a Ford Mustang carrying the victims about 7:20 p.m. Thursday.

Salas fled after the crash at 89th Avenue and D Street but was arrested early the next morning, police said.

He was charged with murder under the theory of implied malice, which is defined as engaging in an unlawful act done in “conscious disregard” of the risk to human life, prosecutor Norbert Chu said.


Salas told his nephew, who was in the SUV with him, that he wasn’t afraid to die and that he would take his nephew with him, Chu said. Salas was going as fast as 80 mph in a 25-mph zone, and the nephew warned him seconds before impact that the Mustang was approaching, the prosecutor said…

…Salas is also the subject of a hold by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement because he is in the United States illegally from Mexico, authorities said.

But, hey, I’m just a heartless racist who deserves to be spat on.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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