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Video: Unhinged in Venezuela
Chavista gone wild: Beats critic with microphone, breaks glasses, overturns chair. Viva la revolucion!
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Iris Varela is a Hugo Chavez stooge lawmaker in Venezuela who, as Daniel at Venezuela News and Views notes, “once considered joining the FARC in Colombia.” She had a meltdown yesterday on the set of an anti-Chavez journalist’s television program–and began physically attacking him.

These intimidation tactics are par for the course among Chavistas. Watch:

Maybe she heard one of those “Shut up” Chavez ringtones and snapped.

A Venezuelan lawmaker repeatedly slapped a journalist in the face during a television program Tuesday, accusing him of slander after he wrote about the death of her infant son years ago.

Congresswoman Iris Varela stormed onto the set of Gustavo Azocar’s morning program on Tachira Regional Television, shouting: “I’m demanding a right of reply from this man who has offended me all the time on this program.”

The on-air confrontation, in which Varela slapped Azocar several times and then hit him with the microphone, grabbed national attention in Venezuela and is likely to generate a wider debate in the country about free speech issues and the news media.

Azocar is an outspoken critic of leftist President Hugo Chavez, and Varela is one of Chavez’s close allies in the National Assembly.

The lawmaker said her outrage had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with a dishonorable airing of her private life. Azocar recently wrote a book in which he recounted the death of Varela’s infant son in a hospital in the early 1990s and called it a determining event in her life.

“He’s offended me and he meddled with the most sacred thing, my dead son, and that’s why I came,” Varela said, holding the microphone after snatching it from Azocar.

He held up his eyeglasses, which were broken from an initial blow, exclaiming, “How about this?” Then he said, “Let me do the program.”

“You’ve slandered me. … Apologize!,” she shouted. After several minutes of ranting, Varela hit him on the head with the microphone and stormed away saying, “Continue with your show!”

“What he’s written deserves a trial,” she said later.

Azocar said afterward that he holds Varela, the state governor and Chavez himself responsible “for anything, God forbid, that could happen to me or my three sons” as a result.

Fellow Hugo Chavez admirer and slap-happy physical abuser Naomi Campbell approves.



More reax:

Kate at A Colombo-Americana’s Perspective: “A complete disgrace.”

Val at Babalu Blog calls Varela’s snit fit “A Venezuelan Acto de Repudio, live and on camera.”

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