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"Only in Massachusetts"
The Bay State's deadly revolving door.
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A Romney-appointed judge freed a deranged thug in Massachusetts who went on to murder a young couple in Washington state. It’s a nightmare of a story with shades of Willie Horton. If not for its hard-wired, soft-on-crime DNA, the Left would have a field day with this tragedy. Will Romney’s opponents run with it or stay away lest their own complicity in revolving-door horror stories come back to bite them?

The father of one of the victims speaks out and he isn’t mincing words:

The father of a Washington woman slaughtered along with her new husband – allegedly at the hands of a convicted Bay State killer – said his daughter’s accused murderer never should have been released from prison here.

“It’s because of stupidity in Massachusetts that my daughter is dead,” said Darrel Slater, 55, who is preparing to bury his daughter, Beverly Mauck, 28, and her husband Brian Mauck, 30.

The couple was executed in their home in rural Graham, Wash., Saturday after an alleged argument with Daniel Tavares Jr., 41, who in 1991 pleaded guilty to hacking his mother to death with a carving knife in their Somerset home in served 16 years for that crime.

Tavares finished his sentence on June 14, but was immediately re-arrested on a warrant charging him with two counts of assaulting Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center prison guards during his troubled stint behind bars, Department of Correction officials said.

Worcester prosecutors requested $50,000 cash bail for each of those charges, an amount approved by Clinton District Court Judge Martha Brennan, according to court documents.

But Tavares appealed the bail and on July 16, Superior Court Judge Kathe Tuttman released him on personal recognizance. Tavares was freed and fled the state to marry and live in a Washington trailer with Jennifer Lynn Tavares, who met the convict at Walpole after answering an inmate personal ad. He defaulted on a July 23 court date, prosecutors said.

“How does a guy who killed his mother, get charged with more crimes, get out of jail? How can he leave the state?” an angry Slater said last night.

“That judge needs to get her head out of her (expletive). My little girl was only 28. She was a newlywed. They just started their lives. This never should have happened,” Slater said.

Jules Crittenden takes a closer look at Mass Stupidity.

The Herald piece ends on this chilling note:

In one letter, Tavares wrote about receiving a college education behind bars and learning seven languages.

He described his achievement this way:

“Only in Massachusetts.”

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