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"Terror on the Tarmac"
John Doe S.O.S.
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There are risks and costs to being a John Doe. Vigilance against terrorism in an age of political correctness will open you up to lawsuits, CAIR witch hunts, public recriminations–or worse. You can stand up or submit. At PJM, Annie Jacobsen “has the harrowing tale of what happened when a Good Samaritan was transformed into a terror suspect. Required reading for Thanksgiving travelers:”

Jerry Wynn, of Jacksonville, Florida, considers himself a good American citizen. He believes the War on Terror to be real and important and he’s willing to accept certain inconveniences when he flies on commercial planes. He’s got two adorable kids whom he coaches at sports on the weekend. He thinks of their safety, and the safety of his wife, whenever any of them fly.

But what happened to Jerry Wynn on American Eagle Flight 4518 on September 21, 2007 has forced him to consider what the War on Terror means to his own, individual citizen’s rights. He wants others to know it could just as easily happen to them. And if it did, what would you do?

The rest of the story is here.

The ACLU doesn’t have the time, resources, or inclination to assist Jerry Wynn. Maybe there’s a pro-national security law firm willing to go to bat for an innocent bystander looking out for his country.

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