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Al Jazeera Loves the Seditious Olympia Protesters
Birds of a feather.
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Useful idiots, meet useful idiots. A reader forwarded me this e-mail request sent out today to “peace and justice” moonbats in Washington state. Seems al Jazeera wants “broadcast quality” video footage of the seditious protests blocking military equipment at the Port of Olympia:

Subject: [OMJP] URGENT – Atten videographers

Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 09:28:35 -0800

From: Sandy Mayes [email protected].net

Reply-To: [email protected]

To: omjp [email protected], PMR [email protected]

Al Jazeera English wants footage of recent Olympia protests/ blockades. They would like “broadcast quality” if possible but say that if the footage is dramatic enough, “YouTube” quality might be OK. One of their producers just called and I told her I would send a list of videographer contact info along with links to footage. Please reply to this message

ASAP providing your contact info and indicating which footage is yours.

They want to cover it while the story is still current — they might even send someone to the march and rally tomorrow.

Hey, maybe they’d like to show their jihadi viewers some of the kiddie human shield photos also. You know, to show how much the anti-war thugs have with the anti-American jihadists who abuse their children for The Cause, too…

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