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Sedition in Olympia Continues
Rock-throwing, concrete-pouring, window-breaking, shipment-obstructing protests for "peace."
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Update 3:25pm Eastern. Rock-throwing. Concrete-pouring. Window-breaking. Shipment-obstructing. And now, you can add photographer-bullying to the list of “peaceful,” “non-violent” actions by the Olympia thugs (hat tip – reader Joe S.):

Let me make something perfectly clear: The Olympian’s newsroom staff did not get attacked by police when they were at the scene covering the recent port protests.

However, photographer Tony Overman was threatened by protesters and felt endangered to the point of calling 9-1-1 for assistance…Tony, who is not easily intimidated, was angry. You don’t mess with a photographer’s equipment. But it was more than that. The young demonstrators surrounding and taunting him were being egged on by adults, men in positions of influence in this community. They should have behaved more responsibly.

Update 2:34pm Eastern. Video of an FNC discussion of the protests.



I said it wasn’t over last night. I was right. The latest wire dispatch on the anti-war thuggery at the Port of Olympia reports today: “At least three semi-trucks have left the port carrying Stryker vehicles used in Iraq back to Fort Lewis. Anti-war protest leaders say they’re mobilizing again, and a squad of police in riot gear is at the scene.” Even the Olympian newspaper editorial board, which opposes the war in Iraq, is fed up:

While we fully agree with the protesters that the war should end immediately and the troops should be reunited with their families directly, protesters have crossed the line of peaceful protest and deserve to be punished for their regrettable behavior.

“Regrettable?” Try reprehensible.

When protesters resorted to blocking roads, dragging debris into the middle of downtown streets, breaking windows, destroying public property, damaging police cars and hurling rocks at police, they clearly crossed the line. Their peaceful assembly evolved into lawbreaking and they must be held individually accountable…Sunday night, Olympia Councilman TJ Johnson added fuel to the fire when he held a community meeting at City Hall where protesters whined about their treatment at the hands of police.

What did they expect?

Surely protesters understand that when they put themselves in harm’s way they put themselves at risk. They cannot expect to be treated gently by police. Videos from the scene show armed police officers repeatedly warning protesters to clear the streets and stop blocking traffic or face arrests. Protesters didn’t budge until doused with pepper spray, pushed back on the sidewalks with batons, or arrested and carried away to a police vehicle.

But they asked for it.

Vigilant Sondra K, who has organized counter-protests at the port, continues to keep watch.

This is not going to be limited to Olympia:

Anti-war protestors plan their next move this morning. This time they’re planning to march outside a local military recruiting station, and it comes as Congress once again makes a statement about military spending. The protest and rally begins at 3:00 p.m. Thursday at the Tacoma Mall…organizers of these war protests are planning yet more protests Friday in Seattle, Olympia and Chehalis…

The “progressives” want their minions to follow suit and obstruct other ports:

Hopefully, the militancy, courage, tactics, spirit, of these very strong actions will inspire others throughout the United States to stand up and not be complicit with the torture and occupation being carried out in our name.

It is very likely the military will not use the Port of Olympia again for military shipments during the duration of the occupation of Iraq. This is a victory.

Take a good look at your fellow Americans…




Counter-protesters wanted and needed. Tell them: “Not in our name.”

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