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Seditious Outrage in Olympia: Protesters Block Trucks, Pour Concrete on Train Tracks to Stop Military Shipments
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Update 8:30pm Eastern 11/14. This is far from over. You need to know that these lawless thugs are instigating a nationwide movement to shut down the ports and block military shipments in your town:

“What we’ve chosen to do is look at this as a community and decide we aren’t comfortable with the use of our port for an illegal war,” said T. J. Johnson, an Olympia City Council member who was part of the demonstrations. “We’re not going to end the war from here in Olympia, but if as a community we can shut down a port, maybe other communities in the country can follow our example.”

Meanwhile, more moonbat catch-and-release:

Police used pepper spray on a crowd of about 150 demonstrators as they tried to block shipments of military gear from Iraq, but officials managed to move out several loads to a nearby Army base through a side entrance. Police arrested 43 people Tuesday night at the Port of Olympia in the state capital during the second week of demonstrations against the shipments, which arrived at the port after an Army Stryker brigade based at Fort Lewis returned from the war. Those arrested were released until prosecutors decide whether to charge them, police spokesman Dick Machlan said.

Update 1:45pm Eastern 11/14. I’ve heard from blogger Sondra K and several pro-troops readers who were at the Port of Olympia countering the moonbats last night. Here are a few of their reports:

Sondra K:

My husband and I have been down there morning noon and night all week ALONE on our side until finally Sunday some more folks showed up. The news really wasn’t getting much of what was really going on and I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get people to come see for them selves.

I went first to the police station Tuesday morning (they were closed all week end and Monday for the holiday) and gave my personal information as a potential witness (TJ Johnson, city councilman opened up City hall Sunday night without notifying the community for a “hearing” and gathered a bunch of these anarchists together to file hundreds of police complaints. THAT’s a whole ‘nother story, that guy.)….I then went to City Hall and tried to find out what the hell was going on, that all this was happening and NO ONE WAS DOING ANYTHING….the lady was sweet and ignorant and gave me a nice “how are we serving you” pamphlet to fill out and return with my “complaint”. By then I was getting desperate. I finally called the Governor’s office almost in tears and was greeted by silence when asking why nothing was being done. I was getting terrified after watching the chaos all week end. The woman on the other end said (and I quote) “If you’re not happy with our laws I suggest that you take your complaints to the legislature”.

Michelle, I pretty near had a nervous breakdown….

…Anyways, thanks for your help, I was really starting to freak out but am feeling a little better after last night. I’m sure it’s not over but the equipment got to where it needed this time and I found I wasn’t all alone.

Joe from Olympia, who also wants you to “spread the word that counter protestors-patriots are needed to support these brave and honorable troops. Thanks for your support:”

I was at the Port of Olympia last night supporting the troops and the Olympia Police Department. Yes there is a dissident community here in the Peoples Republic of Olympia, composed of patriots, veterans, veterans families and sane people. We also had better hygiene than the protesters. The cops did an outstanding and restrained job of controlling the protesters, who were mostly kids. Cowards like City of Olympia Councilman TJ Johnson (rather than worrying about local issues in Olympia, TJ wants to impeach Bush and do other important tasks on the dime of Olympia taxpayers) were directing things from the rear and never putting themselves in harms way. TJ Johnson does not even have the guts to get arrested for civil disobedience. He has 18 year old girls from The Evergreen State College (the school that got Mumia Abu Jamal to do a video commencement speech for them a few years ago) get arrested for him.

…Around 11pm and 12 am, the Police started to clear Franklin Street, running into the center of the Port where the protesters were hanging out. The Strykers and Army personnel used that to race up Swan Town Road a block over (as classic diversion). I saw a few police firing what appeared to be pepper spray from paint guns, but it was limited and intended to keep the protesters from pulling a Rachel Corrie with the Strykers (which because they have wheels can run on the roads directly).

The environmentally sensitive protesters then proceeded to throw trash all over the intersection of Plum Street and State Street, a couple of blocks up from the Port. The Strykers were not blocked and proceeded on their way. The City of Olympia now has to clean up that mess.

We waived to the troops in the Strykers and thanked them for their service. They waved back and thanked us. The ironic part is the protesters said they want the troops home and then blocked these Army personnel returning the Fort Lewis. The troops are coming home, why block their way? Then again, why ask why?

All in all, a good night!


On Monday, I told you about the moonbat convergence in Olympia, Washington, where children are being used as human shields by anti-war zealots trying to block military shipments to and from Iraq. The demonstrators continue to run wild. Their latest acts of destruction and sabotage? Pouring cement on train tracks:

Activists protesting military shipments at the Port of Olympia poured cement over railroad tracks to try to block shipments coming out of the Port today, according to Olympia police. Nobody was arrested after protesters unsuccessfully tried to keep trains from leaving the Port, said Olympia police Lt. Jim Costa. The Port cleaned up the cement, Costa said.

Nobody was arrested? The Port cleaned up the concrete? Can you spell a-n-a-r-c-h-y? A member of the far Left Portland Indymedia site trumpeted the dangerous vandalism here.

The unhinged mob is out of control and it’s not done yet. Watch what your fellow Americans are doing in Olympia to “support the troops:”

The Olympian’s photo gallery of the week’s mob takeover is here. More:

For the second time in a week, protesters stopped military equipment from moving out of the Port of Olympia today. A couple of vehicles attempted to leave around 8:30 a.m. but with no police on scene were stopped by protesters standing across the access road…

It’s unclear why either the police or the military would believe they could move out military equipment unimpeded as they’ve met resistance on every attempt so far. Protesters were allowing civilian vehicles to exit the port.

The protesters were in charge of directing traffic. Hello? Is anybody home?

…Fort Lewis issued an advisory last week saying the convoys of between eight and 10 military vehicles would travel during night hours when fewer motorists are on the road. However, the rigs contracted by the Army to return military equipment to Fort Lewis “will occur throughout the day because they travel more individually,” said Joseph Piek, a spokesman for Fort Lewis.

Seventeen people have been arrested since the protests over military equipment leaving the port began one week ago.

Arrested…and released uncharged, according to blogger Sondra K, who has been organizing pro-troop counterprotests at the port.

This is not free speech. This is unconscionable vandalism and physical interference intended to undermine the troops in a time of war. Someone needs to establish the rule of law in Olympia before it’s too late. Enough is enough.

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