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Impeachment: the Stage Production
Welcome to moonbat theater.
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1noose1.jpg If you think the impeachment circus is finished, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Screenwriter Richard Lasser and constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein have written an impeachment play that will debut in Washington, D.C. at George Washington U. when Congress returns from Christmas vacation. They’ve been meeting with moonbat lawmakers and contacting celebrities to cast and perfect the January 2 production. Dennis Kucinich is the casting director.

According to Lasser, Denny K has “forwarded copies to Sean Penn, Ed Asner, Hector Elizondo and Ed Begley, Jr.” All-star, baby.

Good news is: If they can’t get any actors to pitch in, they can always use giant puppets.

Liz Mair e-mails a heads-up that Republican congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina is involved in this left-wing theater of the absurd–on stage (he’ll be portrayed as one of characters conducting the trial of George Bush) and in real life. Note this report from September on Lasser’s blog:

Last week in Washington DC, highly-sought after constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein took me to meet with Jerrold Nadler, (D New York) and Walter Jones (R North Carolina), two Congressmen highly critical of the President’s illegal and unconstitutional activities. In an interview adjoining House Chambers, Congressman Nadler and I discussed what sorts of questions he would ask in a hypothetical trial and what arguments the defense might advance. His questions would be devastating if he ever got Bush on the witness stand (which actually happens in the play!) In Congressman Jones’ office, the soft-spoken Southern gentleman suggested questions he would ask, helping me with this aspect of the play. He indicated he would enthusiastically support the impeachment resolution…

Jones was one of four Republicans in favor of sending Kucinich’s resolution to the House Judiciary Committee.

Lasser explains the title of the impeachment play, “I”:

“I” of course, stands for impeachment. But more importantly, it is the personal pronoun that refers to each one of us. And unless each of us puts pressure on Congress to impeach President Bush, it just won’t happen. As Bush states in the play: “450,000 telegrams told President Nixon he was wrong. 2,000,000 phone calls demanded action. No one’s contacted me except Jenna to tell me she was getting married.”

Not only has Bush committed impeachable crimes; not only has Congress been complicit; but you and I, unless we put pressure on Congress, will bear the ultimate blame. The only way Congress will act is if we make them. That’s the purpose of “I” — to create such a groundswell of publicity that they must act or risk getting humiliated, or even voted out of office for failing to heed the will of all the “I’s” in America.

Idiotarian” starts with “I,” too.

Exit stage left…

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