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"2day There Is No Deal"
Rosie O'Blabbermouth loses her MSNBC show.
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1rosie.jpg We started the day with schadenfreude, we end the day with schadenfreude. It looks like Rosie O’Blabbermouth has just lost her impending talk show deal with MSNBC because she “let it slip” publicly while negotiations were underway (I guess that’s the face-saving explanation for NBC finally realizing how radioactive she is in the wake of the public backlash of the rumored plan). She mourns her loss in trademark p(rosie) on her blog:

we were close to a deal

almost done

i let it slip in miami

causing panic on the studio end


what can u do

2day there is no deal


my career as a pundit is over

b4 it began

Well, we know whom the NYTimes will blame for the collapsed deal: Bush and the GOP and the Crushing of Dissent, of course!

Ace of Spades asks: “Why not cut out the middleman of ratings failure and pass the savings on to the public?”


Bryan Preston celebrates in lower-case verse:

comedy gold

no mo

cuz no ro sho


fire can melt steel

how do u think steel iz made?

doesnt gro on treez

Lol lol lol lol

My turn:


2 hard to shut

up and away

goes ro’s show

ur head’z 2 big

2 C the danger of

putting the cable tee-vee cart

b4 the blabbering horse


what can u do

boo freakin’ hoo

so long

ding dong

ching chong


Here’s MSNBC’s coverage of itself and the Rosie blow-up:

The cable news channel owned by NBC Universal would not officially comment on the report but a source close to MSNBC TV confirmed O’Donnell’s report…

…Fox News dominates prime-time ratings for cable news channels, averaging 1.5 million viewers this year, according to Nielsen data. MSNBC is third with 505,000, behind CNN’s 755,000.

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