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Johnson Family Update: Car Crash Claims Third Child of Wounded Iraq Veteran
“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain; it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” - C.S. Lewis
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Two weeks ago, I mentioned charitable efforts to help the Johnson family. Army Spc. John Austin Johnson was wounded in an IED attack in Iraq and recovering from traumatic brain injury in Texas. His wife and three children were traveling to visit him when their car rolled over in a blast of wind. Spc. Johnson’s two daughters died at the scene. The third child, 9-year-old son Tyler, clung to life until Saturday:

A wounded Iraq veteran and his wife have lost a third child from injuries the boy suffered in a car accident on the way to visit his father in the hospital.

Three weeks after his siblings died in an Oct. 13 accident on the gusty West Texas plains, 9-year-old Tyler Johnson died Saturday at Children’s Medical Center Dallas.

Army Spc. John Austin Johnson was waiting for his wife, Lisa, and their three kids to visit him at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio when the deadly crash occurred on Interstate 10 about 12 miles east of Ozona.

Lisa Johnson overcorrected the steering in her sport utility vehicle after encountering a blast of wind on the drive from El Paso, causing the car to roll at least four times, officials have said.

The couple’s youngest children, 2-year-old Logan and 5-year-old Ashley, died at the scene. Tyler Johnson suffered massive head injuries.

Lisa Johnson was driving at the speed limit, traffic investigators have said, but they blamed the accident on a combination of high speed, drowsiness and powerful winds.

Donations continue to pour in:

Visitation for Tyler is set for Wednesday and a funeral for Thursday at Roller-Ballard Funeral Home in Benton, Ark., the family’s hometown.

Numerous donations have helped the family deal with immediate expenses.

The Professional Golfers’ Association raised $95,000 to pay for a new car and other expenses.

American Airlines donated plane tickets for family members to travel to the children’s funerals last month and the pending funeral this week.

Schmidt said the Johnsons plan to take a month off to rest and decide what to do next.

“Right now, they’ve kind of had a mission, so to speak going to hospital every day, checking on their son, burying two others,” he said. “When this calms down, they’re going to realize it’s just them two.”

You can donate to the family through any Bank of America branch. The account is the “Ashley and Logan Johnson Memorial Fund.” Tell the bank associate that the account is domiciled in Texas.

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