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Project Valour-IT Update: Where Are the Liberal Blogs?
Reaching across the aisle to support disabled troops. Is anybody there?
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1it.jpg The yearly fund-raising drive for Project Valour-IT, which donates voice-activated laptops to disabled soldiers, kicked off earlier this week. I joined the Marine team, which is currently in second place–close behind the Army team. Reach into your pockets if you can and chip in often. The friendly blog competition to support Project Valour-IT runs through November 11. Soldiers’ Angels, which organizes and runs the drive, is one of my favorite military charities.

You may recall that on the second day of competition, I made a pledge:

In addition to my donation yesterday, I will chip in another $25 for each left-wing blogger, up to 10 total, who signs up today. Send me an e-mail and let me know which team you’ve joined.

You may be interested to learn that I haven’t received a single e-mail. Soldiers’ Angels webmaster Holly Aho says she has been on the lookout for any left-wing Project Valour-IT members and would give me a heads-up if any signed up. So far, to our knowledge, none have.

This is a non-partisan cause and a wonderful project. In addition to the fund-raiser:

Valour-IT accepts donations in any amount to support the purchase and distribution of laptops, but also offers a sponsorship option. An individual or organization may sponsor a wounded soldier by completely funding the cost of a laptop and continuing to provide that soldier with personal support and encouragement throughout recovery. This has proved to be an excellent project for churches, groups of coworkers or friends, and members of community organizations such Boy Scouts.

Originally Valour-IT provided the voice-controlled software, but now works closely with the Department of Defense Computer/electronic Accommodations Program (CAP): CAP supplies the adaptive software and Valour-IT provides the laptop. In addition, DoD caseworkers serve as Valour-IT’s “eyes and ears” at several medical centers, identifying possible laptop recipients. Wounded military personnel can also directly request a laptop through the sign-up form or through the Valour-IT/Soldiers’ Angels representatives at the following medical centers:

* Balboa Naval Hospital

* Brooke Army Medical Center

* Madigan Regional Medical Center

* National Naval Medical Center (Bethesda Naval Hospital)

* Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton

* Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital (29 Palms)

* Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Thanks to the efforts of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Valour-IT is also able to reach patients in VA hospitals who would benefit from a Valour-IT laptop.

Also check out the Project Valour-IT auctions!

I hereby raise my pledge to $50 for each left-wing blogger, up to 10 total, who joins one of the Project Valour-IT teams.



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