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"He Knew What He Was Fighting for;" Update: Video Added
Lt. Michael P. Murphy, The Protector
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Video: Watch the presentation here.


The NYTimes finally gets around to mentioning Lt. Michael P. Murphy, whose parents will be presented with his Medal of Honor today by President Bush at 2:30m pm Eastern.

The AP has this at the bottom of its wire dispatch this morning:

Murphy, who died before his 30th birthday, is the fourth Navy SEAL to earn the award and the first since the Vietnam War. Two Medals of Honor have been awarded posthumously in the Iraq war: to Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham, who was killed in 2004 after covering a grenade with his helmet, and to Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith, who was killed in 2003 after holding off Iraqi forces with a machine gun before he was killed at the Baghdad airport.

Murphy’s heroics have been widely recognized on Long Island, where he graduated in 1994 from Patchogue-Medford High School.

To his fellow SEALs, he was known as “Murph,” but as a child, his parents nicknamed him “The Protector,” because of his strong moral compass. After the 2001 terror attacks, that compass eventually led him to Afghanistan, where he wore a patch of the New York City Fire Department on his uniform.

“He took his deployment personally. He was going after, and his team was going after, the men who planned, plotted against and attacked not only the United States, but the city he loved, New York,” said his father. “He knew what he was fighting for.”

ABC News reprints Chapter 7 of Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor. He was the lone survivor of Lt. Murphy’s Seal Team member in the Afghan mountains.

The NYPost reports on Luttrell’s emotional meeting with the Murphys.

And here’s more on the NYTimes’ lack of coverage of Lt. Murphy compared to its preferred war narratives:

Not surprisingly, The New York Times didn’t even mention the awarding of our nation’s highest honor for valor to a home state boy.

Their neglect of this remarkable story is to be expected. After all, as the icon of liberal mainstream news, why would they ever report something positive about the military?

After dozens and dozens of front page stories about Abu Ghraib, they have no room, ideologically, for reporting the extraordinary heroism of one of the world’s most elite warriors.

But, it also seems appropriate that they didn’t cover the story. After reading Marcus Luttrell’s account of Lieutenant Murphy’s final day, I have doubts that Lieutenant Murphy or Luttrell would have wanted the bastion of liberal media to cover it.

On that fateful day in 2005, while conducting a reconnaissance mission in the Hindu Kush, their four man team was accidentally happened upon by three Afghani goat herders.

What ensued was a discussion among the four SEALs about what to do with the three Afghanis. The rules of engagement weren’t specific enough for them to decide whether they should kill, detain, or release the men.


During the debate, Lieutenant Murphy pointed out that if they killed the three men, “The media in the U.S.A. will latch on to it and write stuff about the brutish U.S. Armed Forces. Very shortly after that, we’ll be charged with murder.”

At that point, Luttrell confessed that even though he wasn’t afraid of the Taliban, he was “afraid of the liberal media back in the U.S.A.”

As the discussion continued, Lieutenant Murphy again stated that “Éthe liberal media will attack us without mercy” if they killed the three.

The four SEALs weighed the strategic, tactical, safety, legal, and religious implications on the rules of engagement as best they could.

Unfortunately, these men served during a time with a biased liberal media, bent more toward an ideology, less toward honest and accurate news reporting, and one with an eager willingness to publicly sacrifice members of the military, often without proof. In this environment, Lieutenant Murphy had to consider the impact of the press against his men, the mission at hand, and the strategic blow the press was likely to deal the mission in Afghanistan.


The Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star spotlights Sgt. 1st Class Michael Russell, one of the Seal Team 10 members who died that day.

Newsbusters reports on the reportage.

The American Thinker notes that in addition to today’s ceremony,

On Tuesday October 23 at 11:00a.m., LT Murphy will be inducted into the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes, where all Medal of Honor recipients are honored.

At 6:00 p.m. on the 23rd, there will be a Medal of Honor flag presentation for LT Murphy at the US Navy Memorial.



In honor of Lt. Michael Murphy

The NY Crimes

Lone Survivor: The #1 New York Times best-seller in the country

Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10

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