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I’ve been writing newspaper columns for 15 years, writing books since 2002, and blogging since 2004. I’ve lost track of how many times the nutroots have gleefully declared my demise.

Oh, how they wish, wish, wish it were so!

The latest moonbat tempest in a teapot concerns an e-mail response I sent to readers over the weekend who have been asking about my absence from the O’Reilly Factor. I had received several hundred messages and it was wrong to keep ignoring long-time fans wondering what happened. I took the time to personally respond to each inquiry. It is an awkward situation, but I answered straightforwardly:

Thanks so much for your kind words. Much appreciated. I made the decision to quit appearing on the O’Reilly show in response to the poor handling of the Geraldo Rivera matter (in case you hadn’t heard, he threatened to spit on me because of my views about illegal immigration and his staged “apology” on The Factor was a complete farce). I won’t go into details, but please know that your support means a lot to me. You can catch me on other Fox News shows and read my daily blog posts and weekly columns at

I did not plan on blogging it and making a big to-do. It is what it is. But some blabbermouth apparently forwarded the e-mail to a cable TV gossip blog. The left-o-sphere picked it up from there (interesting how all of these same blogs ignored the spitting threat in the first place), now spreading wild rumors that I’ve been fired, concocting imaginary scenarios of tearful resignations, tinfoil-rattling in hopes that there’s some other conspiratorial reason behind my decision, falsely asserting that it was somehow related to my coverage of the S-CHIP debate, etc., etc., etc.

The funniest comment by far comes from far Left zealots who couldn’t possibly believe that I would walk away from more airtime since I am, of course, such a media whore.

Two words: Stop projecting.

Continue to knock yourselves out, loons! Always glad to provide therapeutic benefits. Indeed, for many, it’s just another golden opportunity to wish out loud for my death or rape. See, for example: Digg.

Maybe you will get your wish and I will get hit by a truck someday. Until then, I’ll keep writing. You keep hatin’.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Geraldo Rivera