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The Goose Creek Two: Megahed Reportedly Researched High-Powered Rifles; Brother Accused of Sending Coded Messages
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Curiouser and curiouser. As long as the Goose Creek Two and their families arouse suspicion and the mystery unfolds, I’ll continue to cover them. The latest development in the case involve suspect Yousef Megahed and his brother, Yahia.

Megahed’s bond was delayed late last night over after the federal judge in the trial heard new evidence involving Megahed’s alleged research into high-powered rifles:

A federal judge in Tampa on Friday, heard new evidence against Megahed that, in addition to the video includes research allegedly done by Megahed on high powered rifles. Prosecutors say Goose Creek police say they found the information on Megahed at the time he and fellow University of South Florida student Ahmed Mohamed were arrested in August. Evidence also includes a stop the two made at an Ocala Wal-Mart on their way to South Carolina and a weapon prosecutors say Megahed stored at a rented storage unit.

Fireworks. Just fireworks. Just two students on a leisurely drive to the beach. That’s all. Nothing to see here. Move along…

Separately, local Florida outlets are reporting on a strange video of Megahed’s brother, Yahia. Via Fox 13 News in Tampa:

An odd video raises new questions about the USF students who caused a national security scare. Ahmed Mohamed and Yousef Megahed are already charged with driving explosives across state lines. Now prosecutors say Megahed’s brother tried to send a sinister code through a jail-house camera.

Tampa Bay 10 also has the story, but dismisses the video:

The federal government says a tape of Yousef Megahed’s brother Yahia shows him using secret code through facial movements and then sign language to communicate with Megahed. The government told a federal judge, that’s why Megahed is a danger to the community.

And when the government first played that tape of what it said was Megahed’s brother sending secret signals to him when he was talking to him while he was in jail it looked as if it had a real smoking gun. Unfortunately for the government at the time the tape was made, Megahed was in his cell and couldn’t see it and Megahed’s brother says he was just seeing himself on camera and making faces because he was bored.

Adam Allen, Megahead’s attorney, says he thought it was rather funny and comical that the government would make such assumptions of a 24-year-old. Although Megahed’s attorney wouldn’t go as far as saying the government tape was embarrassing, he can’t understand how prosecutors could tell a federal judge that this was part of dark conspiracy.

Yahia Megahed, he was waiting to talk to his brother in jail, it was boring situation, and he was waiting around for 15 minutes and was just playing around with the camera. But what about the sign language he is supposedly doing? Megahed says he doesn’t know sign language so it is impossible for him to do any.

You should watch the video for yourselves and see if you believe Yahia Megahed. I’m posting screenshots. Just goofing off? Rather extraordinary, precise, and deliberate for supposedly random gestures from a guy who claims he doesn’t know sign language:








I’ve covered Yahia Megahed previously back on August 12, when I reported:

At social network Hi5, there’s a page for Yahia Megahed here.


This appears to be the same Yahia Megahed, older brother of pipe bomb suspect Youssef, in the family photo. Yahia Megahed’s hometown is listed as Egypt. His number one interest is “ISLAM.” Among his Hi5 friends is an “Ahmed,” who appears to be the same Ahmed Mohamed charged in the Goose Creek explosives case.

If investigators aren’t already exploring this social network, I’m sure they will be.

Shortly after I published my post, Yahia Megahed’s Hi5 site disappeared.

Fireworks. Just fireworks. Just two students on a leisurely drive to the beach. That’s all. Nothing to see here. Move along…

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