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Snorting at the New Republic, Take Two: Scott Thomas Beauchamp Is Not Incommunicado
Sinking ship.
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the new republic

Sinking ship

Paging Franklin Foer, paging Franklin Foer….

Contrary to The New Republic’s claim that fabulist Scott Thomas Beauchamp is forbidden by the military from contacting the magazine or any other media or anyone else in the outside world, Blackfive blogger Laughing Wolf, embedded in Iraq, met face-to-face with him. LW writes that “he is not being held incommunicado in an undisclosed location with Dick Cheney.”

Bob Owens is waiting, waiting,waiting:

Just how long does it take to pen a retraction?

I only ask because it’s been roughly a month since The New Republic had their first solid chance to interview Scott Thomas Beauchamp since he returned from duty at COP Ellis.

Since then, he’s been online–hence, available–at least several days every week, including today. Beauchamp even had time to talk with Laughing Wolf from Blackfive as recently as September 30. Why not TNR?

Is Scott not talking to Franklin Foer, or is Franklin Foer simply unwilling to print what Scott has to say?

Or is Foer hiding under his desk, praying for all this to just go away and hoping his advertisers don’t get wind?


Earlier this week: Snorting at The New Republic.

Flashback: Franklin The Duck…

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