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Geraldo, Rush, and Manliness
"I've been man enough to apologize."
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Geraldo Rivera should really learn to keep his mouth shut. Here he is, via Johnny Dollar, demanding that Rush Limbaugh be “man enough” to apologize for his incontrovertibly true statements about phony soldiers propped up by the moonbat movement. (Forward the audio to 2:30 in.)

Yup, more chutzpit from the Rosie O’Donnell of Fox News.

Fresh off of condemning others for “coarsening the debate,” Geraldo insists that Rush should listen to Geraldo, king of sincere apologies.


Listen to Geraldo complain about having to apologize for things he thinks he shouldn’t have apologized for, like exposing US troop movements and threatening to spit on fellow Fox News colleagues.

Listen as he whines about having to “throw himself on Bill O’Reilly’s sword.”

For the record, Geraldo Rivera was not man enough to apologize personally and directly to me for his unhinged threat.

And his forced non-apology “apology” on The O’Reilly Factor was a whiny, effeminate, blame-the-victim bleat.

Be a man?

What would Geraldo know about that?


Allahpundit to Geraldo:

Hey champ, since we’re giving out advice about contrition, let me offer some back: prefacing your apology with an ominous aside like “I won’t say what I think about Michelle Malkin,” as if to suggest that your honest opinion is so vile that it’s unfit for public discourse, tends to dilute the moral content of the subsequent “I’m sorry.” It’s like sending flowers in a vase filled with piss. At best, the message is, shall we say, a tad ambiguous.


Here’s the Stand with Rush petition in case you haven’t seen/signed it yet.

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