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I Have the People's Cube
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One of the coolest, edgiest parody sites mocking the Marxist left is The People’s Cube. I’ve linked their photoshops and satire several times over the past several years.

At the Columbia University A-jad protest, I had the pleasure of meeting the undercover operative Red Square, founder of The People’s Cube (in disguise on the left).

Here’s Red Square’s post covering the “Everybody Loves Ahmadinejad” Rally & Fun Activities.

Did you know Flat Fatima was there?


Triple snort-worthy stuff!

I was honored to receive an actual People’s Cube, which now sits proudly in my closet home office. Beaming subversive messages, of course.

You can buy one here, along with other nifty People’s Cube paraphernalia, like the “I heart Central Planning” tees. Great gift item for your favorite socialist friend or family member:


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