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Miller Lite-Approved: Toddlers at the Folsom Street Fair
Sick: "'Why do (these people) bring kids here? This is a leather fair for god's sake,' said Bahran Aliassa, who was masturbating in public. He has been doing it annually for the past six years."
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Update: A call from B. Daniel Blatt for gay leaders to demand that Folsom Street Fair prevent children from attending.


It’s not just 17-year-olds who were welcome at the Folsom Street Fair leather/bondage orgy.

Check out the photos of two-year-old twin toddlers in attendance at the 2005 fair. (Hat tip – LGF commenters)

Look. At. The. Children’s. Clothes.

One is wearing a leather-studded harness. Via the Xpress Online:


The caption on the photo reads:

“Veronica Kruschel, 2, drinks water while her twin sister Zola enjoys the Folsom Street Fair environment. Their parents Gary Beuschel and John Kruse (not photographed) watch nearby while having a lunch break.”

More from the accompanying article:

Two-year-olds Zola and Veronica Kruschel waddled through Folsom Street Fair amidst strangers in fishnets and leather crotch pouches, semi and fully nude men.

The twin girls who were also dressed for the event wore identical lace blouses, floral bonnets and black leather collars purchased from a pet store.

Fathers Gary Beuschel and John Kruse watched over them closely. They were proud to show the twins off.

“They will see more than the kids with moms and dads in Iowa,” said Beuschel, who wanted to expose his children to San Francisco�s diverse community. “Every parent has to decide for themselves what is right for them. And I respect that. And we decided that this is right for our children.”

Beuschel and his girls were at the 22nd Folsom Street Fair, an annual leather event in San Francisco�s South of Market district, which showcased outrageous costumes, fetish attire, and a community obsessed with bondage, whipping, and spanking.

For crying out loud:

“Why do (these people) bring kids here? This is a leather fair for god’s sake,” said Bahran Aliassa, who was masturbating in public. He has been doing it annually for the past six years.

Oakland resident Veronica Charles, 36, was with a baby stroller and said her son was too young to understand. “I don’t think I’ll bring him here when he is 6,” Charles said.

Brought to you by the proud sponsors at Miller Lite…


Zombie was there at this year’s fair.

Just in case you needed not-safe-for-work reminders of what these toddlers were exposed to, watch here.

Or here.

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