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"I Was the Black Pinata."
Clarence Thomas speaks.
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Update: Justice Thomas met with members of the new media tonight. La Shawn Barber, among several right-leaning bloggers, was there.


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas endured ad hominem attacks and character assassination attempts to an extent that few other public figures in American life have ever endured. His new book, “My Grandfather’s Son,” was released today. Finally, on this first Monday in October, he is getting the respectful hearing from the MSM he deserves.

From 60 Minutes.

From Yahoo! News.

From ABC News.

We know it can’t last. So, go buy the book and let’s not lose sight, as Eugene Volokh reminds us, of the vicious treatment Justice Thomas has received for daring to defy identity politics and racial groupthink.

Liberal racism is as alive as ever.


Two greats together: Rush Limbaugh interviews Justice Thomas.

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