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Fake War Hero Tom Harkin Smears Rush Limbaugh; Update: Harkin Earns His Absolute Moral Authority Card; Update: Rush on Harkin: "I Feel Like Apologizing to His Family" for His Behavior; Update: VoteVets.Org Moonbats Launch Attack Ad; Update: Yep, the Same VoteVets.Org That Used a Vet Who Made Phony Injury Claims
Stolen Valor.
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Update 2:40pm Eastern. Remember Josh Lansdale? The left doesn’t want you to…

Full background here.

Update 12:30pm Eastern 10/2. Crikey. The moonbats launch an anti-Rush attack ad campaign.

Update 12:06pm Eastern 10/2. Rush comments on Harkin, top of his radio show: “I feel like apologizing to his family” for his behavior on the Senate floor. “Demeaning.” “So beneath the decorum” in the Senate…”They are trying to distract from their dismal approval ratings and failures.”

Update 11:15am Eastern 10/2. Bryan Preston, the man responsible for our Hot Air Absolute Moral Authority Card collection, adds a new one to the deck:


More: interviews Senators about the story.


tom harkin rush limbaugh

Update 8:30am Eastern : USAToday’s OnPolitics blog tracks the latest thrusts and parries: “There’s much more likely to be said about all this, we trust.”

Update: The Rush-hating left is almost beyond parody, but Scott Ott, as always, pulls it off: ‘Phony Vets for Truth’ Join Reid Attack on Rush Limbaugh.

Update: Glenn Reynolds wonders: “I noted back in 2004, the last time Harkin made this an issue, that the press was giving him a pass. Will it do so again? And why are the Democrats letting Harkin, of all people, get out front on this issue?”


Is there any doubt that Tom Harkin is a Democrat?

None. None at all.

Harkin attacking Rush Limbaugh on the Senate floor:

Well, I don’t know. Maybe he was just high on his drugs again. I don’t know whether he was or not. If so, he ought to let us know. But that shouldn’t be an excuse.

Why is Harkin counter-attacking so viciously?

Maybe this has something to do with it:

Instapundit flashback: TOM HARKIN, FAKE WAR HERO.


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