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Miller Beer Steps in It Again: the Folsom Street Fair Fiasco
Beer-selling and religion-bashing don't mix.
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When last I wrote about Miller Beer, the company was cluelessly sponsoring illegal alien protests and spinning furiously. Doesn’t look like they learned to stay away from radical politics. Miller went ahead and sponsored the “Folsom Street Fair” in San Francisco…billed as the “world’s largest leather event.”

Here’s the Catholic-denigrating promotional poster for the Miller-backed fair via, depicting the Last Supper as a gathering of S&M enthusiasts:


Take a closer look. The bread and wine at the supper table are replaced with sex toys. Swell.

In response to complaints from Christian groups, Miller has asked for its logo to be removed. And the Folsom organizers are now disingenuously arguing that they neeeever meant to offend:

There was no intention to be particularly pro-religion or anti-religion with this poster; the image is intended only to be reminiscent of the ‘Last Supper’ painting. We hope that people will enjoy the artistry for what it is – nothing more or less. Many people choose to speculate on deeper meanings.

The NYSun reports that while Miller requested that the poster be changed, it’s still sponsoring the event:

As of yesterday, the Miller Light and Miller Genuine Draft logos, are still on the poster on the fair’s Web site. It also lists the beers as “presenting sponsors” of the event, along with two “hardcore” pornography sites, and

Take a gander at the NSFW website for the Folsom Street Fair. Here are a few of the runner-up promotional posters…



The question isn’t whether the Folsom organizers should be allowed to promote their bacchanalia however they want. Go right ahead with your bullwhips, dildos, and chains. Knock yourselves out. Really.

The question is one of corporate responsibility. The question is whether a mainstream retailer ought to be lending its name year after year to a fringe group bent on alienating a majority of Americans who happen to be people of faith.

Miller’s answer:

“We are and will continue to be supportive [of Folsom Street Fair and the LGBT community],” said Julian Green, director of media relations of Miller Brewing Company, Wednesday afternoon.

Miller has not requested a refund of any sponsorship money, Green said.


Miller: The beer of open borders and leather-bound Christian-bashers.

Spread the word.

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