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Document Drop: the Andrew Meyer Taser Stunt Police Report
The rest of the story.
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Update: Heh.

Here it is…the police report detailing goofball University of Florida student Andrew Meyer’s taser stunt during John Kerry’s visit (thanks to Tyler Antar). I’ve redacted Meyer’s personal information from the first two pages. My sources were right all along about this putz being a professional taunter and publicity-seeker. Take away: “Meyer was laughing and being lighthearted in the car, his demeanor completely changed once the cameras were not in sight. Meyer did ask, at one point, if the cameras were going to be at the jail.”

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I’m excerpting the reporting officers’ full narratives description of the incident. Let this be the last three minutes of Meyer’s 15 minutes of infamy:


On the above date and time the defendant Andrew Meyer was being lawfully detained for inciting a riot and disrupting a school function, (Accent productions presented Senator John Kerry) at the University Auditorium. Upon contact with Meyer, he began acting in a violent manner pushing the officers involved, including lifting me off the ground and screaming obscenities. Meyer was told on several occasions to comply with the officers and stop resisting, in which Meyer did not. Meyer was arrested and transported to AC/DC.

9/17/2007 14:33 INITIAL MALLO, NICOLE LYNN 048 JVINSON 9/18/2007 15:24

On 09/17/07 at 1015 hours, I was working an overtime function at the University Auditorium for Accent presents Senator John Kerry. There were approximately 350 plus people in attendance. At approximately 1245 hrs., Ambassador Jett informed the audience that there would be a question and answer session and that Senator Kerry would only be answering about 6 questions, 3 on each side of the room where there were microphones set up. Senator Kerry told Ambassador Jett that he might be able to answer a couple more, time permitting. Senator Kerry was answering questions during the “question and answer stage” of his presentation when the audience was told there would only be one question left to be answered. After the question was answered, Senator Kerry stated the question and answer was over and thanked the audience for asking their questions. The approximate number of people in line asking questions was about 20, and Senator Kerry answered about 8 questions. All of the people standing in line started to dissipate and either sat back down or started to leave. As Senator Kerry was ending his speech, a man disrupted the senator by screaming, yelling, and flailing his arms. The man moved his way down the aisle yelling, “Why don’t you answer my questions, I have been waiting and listening to you speak in circles for the last two hours.”

“These officers are going to arrest me”. I didn’t see any officer directly next to him until I noticed Officer Wise walking down trying to get his attention. The man was screaming and yelling obscenities until Senator Kerry told him to calm down and that he would take his question, but he needed to calm down. At that point, the man stated, “You will take my question because I have been listening to your crap for two hours”. The man at that point turned to his friend and said, “Are you taping this? Do you have this? You ready?” The man was talking to a woman who was there to film him. Before asking the question, I had a chance to ask the man if he was a student and he stated, “I don’t have to tell you.” I the asked him if he knew the rules to the student code of conduct and he said, “What?” I informed the man that after he asked Senator Kerry the question that I needed to talk to him outside. After asking the question, the man would not let Senator Kerry finish his statement and kept badgering the senator about his beliefs, talking about “blow jobs”, and yelling as loud as he could as to sensationalize his presence. At that moment the Accent Director, Max Tyroler, asked us to take him out of the auditorium and had his microphone turned off stating, “He had said enough.” Officer Wise and I grabbed both of the man’s arms and asked him to come with us out of the auditorium to speak with us. The man then lifted me up and pushed Officer Wise to avoid being taken into custody. As he pushed and kicked Officer Wise, Sgt. King grabbed him and escorted him out of the room, but the man pushed Sgt. King out of the way and was yelling and trying to get back down the aisle. At this point Officer Sexton, Officer De Jesus, and Officer Lamb tried to assist Officer Wise and Sgt King in getting a hold of the punching and kicking irate man while Officer Dean, Officer Passero, and Officer Spurlin were present trying to assist.


The man continued to scream and yell as well as push, kick, and elbow the officers attempting to take him into custody. After multiple attempts to tell him to stop resisting, the man said, “No” and continued to push and elbow the officers. Only one handcuff was placed on the man as he continued to punch his way out of the hold. The officers could not get a hold of his other arm as he was kicking, punching, and elbowing into officers. After many attempts to get the man to comply, he chose to continue actively resisting the officers. I obeyed the command from Sgt. King to utilize the taser for the continuation of non-compliance by the man. One contact tase to the man’s left shoulder was deployed for the duration of its cycle. After the cycle ended, the man was asked to comply and stop resisting and for a brief moment he did, at which time he was placed in handcuffs. After he was lifted to his feet, he kept screaming and yelling to let him go by continually pushing the officers. I read the man his Miranda rights and explained why he was being placed under arrest. As the man was escorted down stairs with no cameras in sight, he remained quiet, but once the cameras made their way down stairs he started screaming and yelling again. Some of the comments that the man made were “You can’t kill me.”, “They are giving me to the government.” and “They are going to kill me.”

The man was identified not only by the people there filming for him, but also by a business card he had on him that had his picture on it. The card read, “

“Speak my mind.” I asked him if he was Andrew Meyer and he said, “Yes, I am.” Meyer was transported to the Alachua County Detention Center by my myself and Officer Vinson. Meyer stated he just wanted Senator Kerry to hear what he had to say and that he was upset when he ended the questions without being heard. Meyer stated, on the way to the

jail, “I am not mad at you guys, you didn’t do anything wrong, you were just trying to do your job.” Meyer was laughing and being lighthearted in the car, his demeanor completely

changed once the cameras were not in sight. Meyer did ask, at one point, if the cameras were going to be at the jail.

Meyer was charged with disturbing the peace (interfering with a school function) and resisting with violence. A use of force report was filled out and Meyer was sent a Judicial

affairs form for his actions. None of the officers injured needed to seek medical attention and the injuries sustained from this incident were digitally documented.

9/17/2007 14:38







On September 17, 2007, at approximately 1352 hrs, I was working an overtime assignment at the University Auditorium in reference to Accent’s guest speaker Senator John Kerry. I was

located on the west side of the stage area providing security for Senator Kerry. The event consisted of Kerry’s speech and a question and answer session. Before the question and

answer session commenced, it was stated that they would limit the number of questions to at least 6 questions due to Kerry’s limited time. Kerry answered approximately 8 questions

when it was stated that there would be one more question taken after Kerry finished answering the current one. At this point there were approximately a dozen other subjects

that did not get to ask Kerry their questions.

Shortly thereafter an angry white male in the line for questions, Andrew W. Meyer, forced himself on the microphone, displayed his agitation with Senator Kerry for making him wait in

line, stopping the question and answer session, and not allowing him to speak. He stated in a loud disorderly manner that he was “sick of listening to Kerry’s crap for the past two hours”

and demanded to be allowed to ask his question. He also excitedly stated as Ofc. W. Wise #501 and Ofc. N. Mallo #48 approached him, before making contact or exchanging words,

that they were going “to arrest me for trying to ask my question”. I also approached Meyer from my posted location to possibly assist Mallo and Wise if Meyer behavior escalated any


Meyer was told that he would be granted the opportunity to speak by Senator Kerry after he finished answering the question that Meyer interrupted. Before I returned to my post I

observed Meyer hand a digital hand-held camera to white female he was present with, and it appeared that he instructed her to film his interaction. When Kerry permitted Meyer to

speak, he began ranting without asking a specific question to Senator Kerry. He shared a book with Kerry and congratulated Kerry for winning the 2004 election. He became

inappropriately vulgar when he asked Kerry why he is not for impeaching Bush; after relating Bush’s conduct in office to President Clinton’s impeachment based on a “blow job”.

He also accused Kerry of being a member of the “Skull and Bones” society. Shortly after that statement, the Accent staff cut off Meyer’s microphone and Mallo and Wise attempted to escort Meyer out of the building. Meyer became actively resistant by pushing and flailing away from Mallo and Wise. The potential for officer injury was present based on the locations of Mallo and Wise in the auditorium isle next to fixed wooden folding seats; I drew out my department issued X-26 taser to respond to Meyer’s active physical resistance and/or to possibly gain compliance from Meyer. I gave Meyer verbal commands to “put your hands behind your back,” but he continued his active physical resistance. I was promptly non-verbally directed, by shaking his head no, to re-holster the X-26 by Sergeant King #32.

Sgt. King then responded to Meyer’s resistance by attempting to control and escort him out of the building. Meyer continued to struggle and got tangled up with Sgt. King. It appeared that they both lost their footing and fell to the floor at of the top of the isle in between the fixed wooden seats on the west side of the auditorium. Once Meyer was on the ground, Sgt.

King and Wise attempted to restrain Meyer. He continued to resist by bucking and trying to roll away. Ofc. Sexton #73 and Ofc. Lamb #65 attempted to restrain Meyer’s legs which were

flailing about. The struggle continued before compliance could be gained.

I managed to take control of Meyer’s right hand and restrain it into one side of my handcuffs. Due to Meyer’s erratic flailing, the inability to attain Meyer’s left arm from his resistance,

and increased potential for injury with one cuff on, Sgt. King attempted to deploy a contact tase to no avail. He then instructed Mallo to apply a contact tase to gain compliance in order to place Meyer’s left hand into the other cuff. Mallo gave verbal commands and informed Meyer that he would be tased if he did not comply. Once Mallo applied the tase, Wise

assisted Meyer’s left arm to where I was able to apply the other cuff. Once he was restrained, he was escorted out of the Auditorium where I checked the fitting and applied the

double-locked function on the cuffs.

Ofc. Wise and myself returned to the auditorium to provide security for the duration of the

function and assist Ofc. Dean #86 and Ofc. Passero #54 in escorting Kerry to his vehicle.











09/17/2007 14:11


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Page 7




Printed On: 09/18/2007 @ 17:25


On 09/17/07, while working an event featuring Senator John Kerry, I was located by the West entrance of the University Auditorium monitoring people coming into the event. I heard over the radio that there was a disturbance in the auditorium. Ofc. Sexton (#73) and myself made our way up the stairs and into the the auditorium. Ofc. Sexton entered the auditorium

through the door to the right (West) of the stairs and I entered through the door to the left (East) of the stairs. I observed a white male on the ground by the West door struggling with

police officers. The suspect was violently kicking his legs as he struggled against the other officers. Ofc. Sexton attempted to restrain his legs as I made my way through the

photographers to assist the other police officers. The suspect’s left leg was not restrained and it was rapidly moving around as he struggled with the officers. I gripped his left leg with both of my hands to keep him from kicking one of the officers. Ofc. Sexton was still gripping the suspect’s other leg. The suspect continually pulled against my grip and jerked his leg in

attempts to resist my efforts to restrain his leg. Sgt. King was immediately in front of me attempting to gain control of the suspect. I did not have time to individually identify the other

officers involved due to the fact that I was concentrating on maintaining control of the suspect’s leg. My goal was to keep him from kicking one of the officers.

I heard an officer repeatedly tell him to stop resisting in a loud authoritative voice. The suspect continued to yell,” Do you see what they are doing to me? I am being arrested.

Someone do something. Help me.” He continued to disrupt the event as he physically struggled against our efforts to place him in handcuffs and remove him from the auditorium.

He was told numerous times to stop resisting or he would be tasered. The suspect yelled,” Don’t Tase me.” However, he continued to actively resist the efforts to handcuff him. I heard

an officer give him verbal commands to roll over on his stomach. I also heard an officer give him verbal commands to place his hands behind his back. The suspect did not comply with

the commands and continued to struggle and resist. I also heard one of the officers taser the suspect. He was then placed in handcuffs. He was then assisted to his feet and taken out of the auditorium. I picked up the suspect’s book that had been dropped. Once he was outside of the auditorium he became very upset at the thought of taking the elevator. As a result of this he was walked down the stairs to the lobby of the University Auditorium. As he was walking down the stairs he stated, “People know I am here. You can’t kill me.” Once in the

lobby I heard the suspect say, “They are giving me to the government.” He also stated, “They are going to kill me.” I never heard anyone threaten the suspect’s life. When Ofc.

Mallo was attempting to identify the suspect I heard him say, “I’m scared to tell you.” in response to her asking for his information. I handed the suspect’s book to Ofc. Mallo. I then

went outside to direct a patrol car to the location so the suspect could be transported to the jail.









On the 9-17-07 at 1352 hours, while on assignment during a special event in the UF Auditorium (Senator John Kerry). Towards the end of the event Senator Kerry was going to answer questions from the audience. The UF Ambassador stated to the audience that time was going to be limited due to other commitments for Senator Kerry. The Ambassador stated

that not everyone would be able to have their questions answered by the Senator. Senator Kerry also stated to the audience that if the time limit was reached, he might answer a few

more questions, but time was very limited. Once the time limit for questioning was reached UFPD07OFF002274

[ JVINSON 09/17/2007 14:11]

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Page 8




Printed On: 09/18/2007 @ 17:25

(approximately 30 minutes), I noticed the ACCENT supervisor talking to the individuals left in line on the opposite side of the auditorium where I was positioned. I noticed him talking to

an individual in line (later identified as Andrew Meyer). This conversation caught my attention due to the student’s some what aggressive posturing towards the ACCENT

Supervisor. At this point I noticed the ACCENT Supervisor walking halfway up the aisle on the side of the auditorium and I was signaled by the ACCENT supervisor (sponsors of the

event) in reference to the individual. I was stationed at the rear corner of the auditorium during the event. When I approached the area where the microphone was placed for

questions for the Senator, a young man was causing a disturbance by shouting loudly at the Senator. The individual began to shout that the Senator needed to answer his question and

stated that he was going to jail. These statements were made before I reached the individual in question. The individual was later identified by his Florida driver license as Andrew

William Meyer (DOB 09-15-86). I proceeded to Meyer’s location and advised him that he needed to stop yelling and causing a disturbance or he would be escorted off the property.

Meyer was stating that he had sat in the auditorium for two hours and demanded that he ask his question to the Senator and everyone else in the auditorium that still had questions be

allowed to speak. The sponsors of the event had advised the individuals in the question line that the Senator would not be able to answer anymore questions from the audience. Because

of this, the question and answer session would be over before Meyer could ask a question.

Meyer would not comply with my directions or the staff from ACCENT to leave because the session was over. I grabbed Meyer’s arm in a transporter position and began to escort him


up the aisle. Meyer was still shouting at the Senator to answer his questions as he was being escorted. Senator Kerry asked me to let Meyer ask his question. At this time, he was brought back to the microphone and I stood beside him on his left side and Ofc. Mallo on his right side. Meyer handed a camera to the girl who was also in line to ask a question (this student was actually in front of Meyer’s)

Meyer began to yell towards Senator Kerry concerning a book he read, stating that Senator Kerry actually won the elections in 2004. Meyer did not give Senator Kerry an

opportunity to answer his question during his disorderly behavior. Before Senator Kerry could attempt to answer his first question/statement, Meyer advised there were two more

questions. I leaned over to Ofc. Mallo and we made the decision that Meyer would be escorted out of the auditorium after his statements/questions due to his overall demeanor and


Meyer continued his disruptive behavior at the microphone and made a statement concerning why President Clinton was almost impeached for receiving a “blowjob”, at this point

ACCENT staff cut the sound off to the microphone. Meyers threw his hands up in the air in disgust of having the microphone turned off. At the end of Meyer’s questions/statements to Senator Kerry, myself and Ofc. Mallo began to escort the individual up the aisle. Meyer’s previous actions merited two officers to do the escort. We started up the aisle with Meyer in a dual transporter position, myself on the right side and Ofc. Mallo on the left side. Meyer started screaming and causing a disturbance.

Students and other patrons were sitting near our location when Meyer began to struggle with myself and Ofc. Mallo causing a safety concern. He attempted to break our grips on his arms and began to actively resist by struggling, twisting and pushing. We attempted to keep him moving up the aisle when he pulled away and headed back down the aisle. Ofc. De jesus came to assistus. Due to Meyer’s behavior and actions, Ofc. De jesus drew his taser. Meyer was given a warning to stop resisting or he would tasered. Meyer still resisted, but Ofc. De jesus did not deploy his taser and reholstered it when Sgt. King arrived to assist myself and Ofc.


Sgt. King grabbed Meyer from behind and was able to pick him up and started to escort him up the aisle. Meyer was still actively resisting Sgt. King by jumping up and down. Sgt. King

was able to escort Meyer to the top of the aisle way. At this point, Meyer broke free form Sgt. King, pushing Sgt. King backwards and had to be taken to the ground. Myself, Ofc. Mallo,

Ofc. De jesus and Sgt. King struggled with Meyer on the ground where he continued to actively resist by twisting his body and attempting to stand up. Due to his actions, Ofc. De

jesus pulled out his handcuffs and attempted to put Meyer into custody. Meyer continued to resist while we attempted to put him into custody on the ground and would not comply with

orders to turn onto his stomach and place his hands behind his back. Meyer continued to resist and Sgt. King drew his taser and put it onto Meyer’s chest. I advised Meyer several

times to comply with our instructions and to stop resisting arrest. Sgt. King did not deploy his taser and reholstered it. Ofc. Mallo drew her taser when Meyer continued to resist.

Meyer was instructed to put his hands behind his back, but he continued to try and get back on his feet. Ofc. Mallo at this point deployed her taser into the shoulder of the subject.

During the struggle, Ofc. De jesus was able to get one of Meyer’s hands into the handcuffs.

While being tasered, I was able to grab the other hand and assist De Jesus. Meyer was in custody at that time and was picked up and escorted downstairs and out of the auditorium.

Officers Lamb, Spurlin, Sexton, Dean and Passero assisted in the arrest. Meyer was escorted to a patrol vehicle and taken to the Alachua County Detention Center to

be booked on criminal charges. Due to the struggle, I had red marks on my left knee with a slight pain and also started feeling pain in one the toes of my right foot.

There is no further information available at this time.









On 09/17/07 at approximately 1352 hours, I responded to the second floor of the University Auditorium in reference to a white male subject that was causing a disturbance. Upon

reaching the second floor, I heard a man yelling something to the effect of get off of me, do you see what they are doing to me. I entered the auditorium and saw a white male subject

actively resisting/fighting with fellow police officers. The white male subject was later identified through dispatch by his name and date of birth as, Andrew William Meyer, DOB of

09/15/1986. Meyer was laying on the ground swinging his arms and kicking his legs while other officers were attempting to handcuff him. Due to the fact that both of Meyer’s legs

were kicking freely, I grabbed his legs to prevent any injury to my fellow officers. Meyer continued to fight with the police while Ofc. DeJesus ID 52 attempted to handcuff him.

Meyer continued to pull against my grip and kick his legs in attempt to resist my efforts to restrain his legs so he could not kick one of the officers.



09/17/2007 14:11


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Page 10




Printed On: 09/18/2007 @ 17:25

I heard an officer repeatedly tell him to stop resisting in a loud verbal command. Meyer continued to yell and disrupt the event as he physically struggled against our efforts to place

him in handcuffs and remove him from the auditorium. He was told numerous time to stop resisting or he would be tasered. Meyer continued to actively resist the efforts to handcuff

him. One of the officers administered a contact tase to him to gain control of his arms.

Meyer was then able to be placed into handcuffs. Sgt. King ID 32 and I assisted Meyer to his feet and escorted him out of the auditorium as he continued to yell and disrupt the event.

While escorting Meyer out of the auditorium, he began yelling something to the effect of, please don’t kill me, they are going to kill me.

Sgt. King ID 32 and I then escorted Meyer out of the north side of the University Auditorium into patrol car UF #6. Officer Vinson ID 89 and Officer Mallo ID 48 transported Meyer to the Alachua County Jail for processing.

I then re-entered the University Auditorium to reunite with my fellow officers. Once inside, I met with a white female subject who stated that she saw the whole thing from a close distance. The white female subject was later identified through dispatch by her Florida Driver License as Rachel Brooke Speisman. Speisman stated that she was in fear for her safety as Meyer walked closer to her and became increasingly disruptive. Speisman advised that she was glad that the University of Florida Police Department was on scene to handle the disruptive subject.









On 09/17/2007, I was scheduled to work as the Officer in Charge at the University Auditorium, on the University of Florida campus, for a speech given by Senator John Kerry.

The speech was scheduled to begin at 12:00 pm and the doors were opened at 11:00 am. Senator Kerry was asked to speak at the University by the student group ACCENT.

While the speech was going on, I was outside of the Auditorium dealing with a suspicious backpack that was in the grass next to the building. I called Ofc. Davis to bring his bomb dog

to search the backpack. No explosives were detected. I then took the backpack inside and searched it and finding nothing that would considered contraband. I placed it on a bench for

the owner to find. At that point I walked upstairs to where the speech was going on. When I arrived upstairs I observed Meyer being very loud and yelling while Officers Mallo

and Wise were attempting to walk him out. While they were walking him out Senator Kerry asked them to allow him to ask his question. The officers allowed him to go back to the

microphone. He was loud and would not ask a specific question as he was asked to. His microphone was turned off because of his use of profanity. Because of his disruptive behavior,

he was asked to leave by officers. He refused to comply and continued to yell. Officers Mallo and Wise tried to escort him up the ramp and out of the auditorium. He refused to walk and

began to struggle with them. I was standing at the back of the seating area observing what was going on.



09/17/2007 14:11


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Page 11




Printed On: 09/18/2007 @ 17:25

At the point, where the officers where having a problem getting him to leave, I walked down to them to assist. I grabbed him around the back of his waist to physically force him out of

the seating area. As I was pushing him up the ramp, he was jumping up and down yelling incoherently. At the top of the ramp he stopped, began to struggle and twist forcibly to get out

of my grasp. He broke free from me and appeared to try to get back to the seating area. As he went around me towards the seating area, I was able to get a hold of him again. At that point, Officers Mallo and Wise came up and we took him to the carpet in an attempt to handcuff him. While on his back he continued to struggle, push and kick his legs in an attempt to get free. Officers Sexton and Lamb arrived on scene and held his legs to keep him from getting

up. He was told numerous times to stop resisting and to roll over onto his stomach. He

continued to struggle and yell “help!!”.

A crowd began to form and yell at us. Some were yelling, let him go, he didn’t do anything. I pulled my taser, turned off the safety, dropped the cartridge, put it against his left chest and pulled the trigger. It do not activate after several attempts. While my taser was still against his chest, where he could see it, he was told several times to stop resisting and turn over or he would be tased. He still would not comply, continued to struggle and yell for us to let him go.

I instructed Ofc. Mallo to utilize her taser, which she did. He yelled in pain several times while being tased. We were then able to gain control of him, get him to turn over and handcuff him. We assisted him from the floor and out of the seating area.

I had his left wrist in a bent wrist lock in order to continue control of him while escorting him. He continued to struggle but not as violently as before. He would yell that we were going to

kill him to the onlookers and ask them if they were watching. He also asked them if they witnessed what was going on. Some in the crowd said they did and would be a witness for


Because of the crowd, he was taken to a back office to wait for a patrol vehicle. Once the patrol vehicle arrived, he was escorted out and placed into the back seat. He was then taken

to the Alachua County Detention Center.

During the altercation, several officers sustained bruises. My pair of sunglasses were destroyed and my hat was knocked off.









I arrived at Union Road, north of the University Auditorium to transport Meyer. Three officers were escorting Meyer to my vehicle, who was already in handcuffs. Once Meyer was

in my patrol vehicle, I began recording from the DVR system in vehicle UF6. Meyer was transported to the Alachua County Jail. Officer Mallo, ID#48 rode with me to the jail.









On 09/17/2007, I was assigned to the University Auditorium for an overtime event featuring Senator John Kerry. During the event, I was assigned to the ground floor doors for security.

Officer Lamb and Officer Sexton were also assigned to the doors during the event. Officer Sexton and Officer Lamb and I were informed of a disturbance that was occurring inside the

auditorium. They went up the stairs to assist while I remained to watch the doors. A few moments later I heard yelling coming from upstairs, I then proceeded up the stairs. As I

walked through the door, I observed a male subject on the ground with several officers near him. I observed the subject resisting the officers. The subject was yelling and refusing to be

placed in handcuffs. Officer Wise was giving the subject verbal commands which were not being followed. The subject was then Tasered. I then assisted with crowd management while

the subject was escorted from the building.

After the incident, I remained in the lobby while attendees left the building. I was then approached by a female subject, Clarissa Jessup. She stated that she had been in line in front

of Mr. Meyer when he asked her to videotape his exchange with Senator Kerry. She stated that she did not know Mr. Meyer. I obtained her contact information for any further



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