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The Left's Seditious War on Military Recruiters
Welcome to George Soros's America.
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Today has been declared “Truth in Recruiting Day” by the far Left group, Iraq Veterans Against the War. You won’t be surprised to learn that the group that promotes fraudulent veterans is organizing a fraud campaign to interfere with military recruiters. Take a look:



Recruitment is essential for the military and politicians to carry out the war and occupation of Iraq. Recruitment levels are low thanks to “truth in recruiting” efforts, but now it is time to shut recruitment down. By flooding recruiters and recruitment centers with phone calls, appointments, questions, and smiling faces, recruiters will waste their time and resources on you. By calling and asking every question you can think off about all the false opportunities the military is offering, you are stealing away recruiters ability to do recruitment.

So call your local recruiter today, and make a new friend! Ask them to pick you up. Tell them you are hungry. Tell them you would like to get a drink and talk about your future. Hang out with them in their office. Call them on their cell and tell them your life story.

Warning: this campaign is not for the easily persuaded. Recruiters will want you to sign up. Let them know you are not ready, but really interested in talking about the possibilities.



REPORT BACK: Send us photos taken with your new friends, or photos of the recruiting station and share your story.

EMAIL: [email protected]

In any other war, at any other time in history, these thugs would be universally condemned as seditious. But the intimidation campaign targeting recruiters has been allowed to flourish. It’s not just war memorials and flags under threat. It’s the military recruiter in your neighborhood.

These saboteurs are working with the ANSWER mob this week to obstruct military recruitment centers in Washington and across the country. Other socialist partners in crime:

Update: Allah scours the criminal statutes and concludes:

Long story short, there’s nothing legally you can do to stop this sort of thing, although you certainly can make recruiters aware that it’s happening and limit their time accordingly with any would-be recruits who look suspiciously, shall we say, “shaggy.”


Yes, welcome to George Soros’s America.

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